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M&A Education: Deloitte M&A Institute Learning & Experience

Access our customized training and learning curriculum

Powered by Deloitte’s mergers & acquisitions services capabilities, the M&A Institute can deliver customized learning and experience sessions designed to help you address the critical components of your M&A lifecycle. We offer new sessions year-round.

Deloitte M&A Institute offers several channels for delivery of M&A learning sessions:

You can sign-up for our multi-client training sessions, where you can not only benefit from the course content delivered by Deloitte’s M&A leaders, but also get the opportunity to meet and interact with peers in your industry

Or, you can opt for a customized training sessions, where the content will be tailored and delivered based on a combination of traditional delivery and case-based approach suited to your needs and conducted at the location of your choosing (e.g., at your office or even at Deloitte University, our state-of-the-art learning center in Westlake, TX)

We also offer executive labs in The Deloitte Greenhouse® spaces, which serve as an interactive forum for new executives providing them opportunities to learn about the M&A lifecycle

The sessions are designed to help you address the critical components of your M&A lifecycle such as strategy development, target screening and identification, due diligence (IT, HR, tax, finance, etc.), integration, divestiture, etc.

Leveraging the power of Deloitte’s M&A Services, you and your organization will have the opportunity to tap into advanced learning to help achieve your goals. Benefits include:

  • Experience
    Leading class learning opportunities based on 2,500+ deal experiences, market-tested strategies and industry-leading practices
  • Collaboration
    Interactive learning sessions facilitated by subject matter specialists with one objective: helping you achieve your goals
  • Focus
    Customized M&A solutions designed to help accelerate value achievement and drive strategic results
  • Global reach
    Access to 12,000+ specialists providing services where you need them and with an understanding of global dynamics, local rules, regulations, accounting standards, tax laws, etc.

See below for sample sessions available. Please contact us for more information or to schedule a session.

Additional sessions coming soon!

Industry context and M&A trends

Gain insight into the global M&A landscape from our proprietary insights and industry research, and learn how industry and marketplace forces may affect your company‘s M&A strategy and ability to execute transactions.


Building in-house M&A capabilities

Leverage our 2,500+ deal experiences to inform your team on how to ramp up for M&A transactions and build ongoing capabilities. Learn how to create the team, tools, and culture to become a leading class M&A dealmaker.

Introduction to the M&A lifecycle

Why do most M&A deals fail to achieve their operational and financial goals? This module addresses common pitfalls across the M&A lifecycle and looks at leading practices and methodologies to help position your deal for success.

m&a education

Effectively managing an integration program

Understand how to efficiently and effectively stand-up an Integration Management Office to help drive financial and operational success for all deal types and sizes.

Analyzing sensitive data through clean rooms

How can you accelerate integration planning while maintaining compliance and data confidentiality? Understand how to execute pre-close due diligence and integration planning through a structured and efficient clean room.

Executing to capture deal value and synergies

Start with the end in mind. Implement a robust synergy capture process to provide deal value to the bottom line and shareholders. We’ll share our leading practices across the synergy capture process, from planning to acceleration and synergy realization.

m&a education

Operating after the deal close

Create a future state operating model that helps enhance your organization’s people, process, technology, and assets. Understand the four distinct stages of the blueprinting approach and how they feed into an overall integration roadmap and tactical work plans and execution.

TSA planning & management

Understand how to use Transition Service Agreements (TSAs) to help improve business continuity, while reducing unnecessary dependency and transition costs. We share our leading practices for both the buyer and seller, including approaches for designing, negotiating, and exiting TSAs to help you achieve operational and financial success.

Day 1 Readiness / certification

Learn how to plan and execute a successful Day 1 to help reduce business disruptions and impact on customers, employees, and partners. Explore robust and innovative preparation strategies that can help you determine what approach might be best for you, and what resources are necessary to help execute your M&A strategy.

m&a education

Defining the new organization

Discover how to structure and implement leadership and talent planning for the post-close organization to help enhance resource effectiveness and organizational efficiency. Learn from our fluid, customizable framework that can enable the design of high performing organizations.

Change management, communications, and culture

Aligning the goals and incentives of an organization is critical to the success of any M&A transaction. Given the rapid and global nature of deal making, it is vital to have a 360-degree communications plan and tools in place to proactively message internally and externally with confidence and certainty.

m&a education
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