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Organizations are looking for their CFOs and finance executives to advise on business strategy in ways that drive the enterprise to create and capture more value and leverage analytics. Deloitte financial consultants are working with CFOs to gather, interpret, and deliver the insights that shape timely and smart decisions throughout the C-suite. We can help you build a finely balanced set of innovative capabilities across strategy, operations, analytics, performance management, talent and reporting.

Upcoming webcast: What CFOs need to know about blockchain

Join the discussion on April 26, 3 PM ET to learn how blockchain can yield significant cost savings, decrease transaction time, reduce risk, and increase efficiency for the enterprise. Specifically, we’ll discuss:

  • Why blockchain is a sustainable technology in finance and across the enterprise, not a passing fad. 
  • Instances when blockchain is an effective solution for a specific industry or finance application.
  • How companies are reaping the benefits of blockchain today.


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CFOs and finance executives face increasing expectations to help drive profitable growth and align with corporate strategy, all the while keeping a firm hand on reporting and operations. We can help elevate their role through innovative strategies, planning and tactical execution:

Digital finance strategy: Advise and implement strategic choices to help improve the finance function. This includes supporting new businesses models and capabilities, and the identification of opportunities to transform the finance organization leveraging new technologies

Finance service delivery model: Advise on how finance can be best organized to deliver efficiencies (bottom line savings) and effectiveness (top line growth) in accordance with the organization’s strategy

M&A finance: Help clients prepare for and execute merger and acquisition activities, specific to requirements for the finance function

Finance ops improvement: Focus on identifying opportunities to enhance the value of the overall finance function by helping improve efficiency and collaboration with the business. Offerings include: procure to pay, order to cash, close, consolidate and report

Business finance analytics: Drive enhanced insights for finance and its internal customers by leveraging enhanced data sources, algorithms, and data science. Enhance financial planning, budgeting, and forecasting capabilities for clients

Finance in the cloud: Create value for finance organizations in utilizing the cloud, including identifying the business case, supporting solution options, and developing system and process architectures associated with finance operating in the cloud

Thought leadership: “Crunch time” series

Explore the latest installment in our Finance in a Digital WorldTM article series, “Crunch time III,” in which we provide insight into how and where cognitive technologies can play a role in the finance organization. Then, understand the various digital disruptors and their impact in the original “Crunch time” report, and read CFO's thoughts and experiences on making the digital journey in “Crunch time, too.”

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