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The world of health care is going through a major transformation. Exciting technologies like generative artificial intelligence (GenAI), along with improvements in patient-centered care and biomedical innovation, are changing the way we approach health. At Deloitte, we have the expertise to help federal health agencies drive this transformation for the current and future generations. How can we assist you in reaching your goals?

What we do
Harness change to drive innovation

Federal health leaders face unprecedented challenges, having recently dealt with a global pandemic that transformed health research, delivery, and treatment. Now, as federal health agencies shift their focus to the next phase of health care, such as using advanced digital technologies to address public health crises or using data and analytics for crucial results, success lies in embracing change to drive innovation and achieve essential outcomes.

Deloitte brings extensive experience in both the health care industry and across federal health agencies, along with our involvement in strategic partnerships and research-based insights. We are here to assist federal health agencies in solving complex problems, preparing for the future, and improving community and national health outcomes.

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Our Federal Health offerings: Define and deliver the Future of Health™

Our consulting services are tailored to help federal health agencies overcome the challenges of today’s rapidly changing landscape. We understand the importance of data, research, and mission transformation, and we can guide you in defining and delivering the future of health. Our programs and technologies are designed to put people at the center and create positive impact for our clients and broader society. Learn more about what makes us different!

Technology Services


Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the landscape of health care at all public and private levels. AI can impact and strengthen health agencies across a broad spectrum, from resolving business issues and uncovering new insights to implementing innovative solutions. An AI-powered analytics infrastructure that improves data capture, integration, and interpretation can help a health agency strengthen supply chain readiness and cybersecurity, enable interoperability, and address social determinants of health. Discover Deloitte AI Institute for Government to learn more about our current thought leadership.


Digital transformation and cloud technologies can help Deloitte’s public and private health clients innovate and maintain agility in a changing health landscape, reimagining and delivering their mission. From using the power of the cloud to harness innovation and collaboration for clinical trials, to using cloud migration and modernization to free up resources for mission work, our offerings encompass the entire cloud life cycle and position us to help you develop a comprehensive IT strategy that accommodates your current needs and future goals.


As the largest cybersecurity services provider in the world, Deloitte’s trusted team of specialists collaborates with health organizations and federal health agencies to provide deeper insight and guidance for addressing cyber risks, keeping mission impact at the forefront while protecting critical infrastructure and data. We collaborate with public and private health agencies to identify unique risks and vulnerability points, creating strategies to mitigate these growing and evolving risks without compromising mission execution.


Deloitte’s Operate services harness the power of people, technology, and innovation to drive agility and sustainable performance across your health agency. Our industry-leading offerings combine data-driven insights; capabilities in advising, maintaining, and enhancing technologies; and specialty- and technology-centric services that are scalable, flexible, and typically structured by subscription, output, or resources used.

Deloitte Federal Health AI Accelerator

The Deloitte Health AI Accelerator brings together leaders from the health care and technology fields to explore how AI can address health disparities, strengthen epidemiological modeling and analysis, improve public health emergency response efforts, and ultimately enhance health outcomes for communities across the country.

The Deloitte Health AI Accelerator examines emerging AI trends, applications, and solutions across public health to:

  • Enhance clinical support systems
  • Reimagine diagnostics and screening
  • Improve operational efficiency, personalized medicine, and health care data security
  • Create AI training programs for health care professionals

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Beth Meagher

Beth Meagher

US Federal Health Sector Leader

Beth leads the Federal Health Sector in Deloitte’s US Government & Public Services practice. She has more than 20 years of experience serving health care and life sciences clients and has significant ... More

Chih-Wei Yi

Chih-Wei Yi

Principal | Deloitte Risk & Financial Advisory

Chih-Wei is a Principal in Deloitte’s Government and Public Services industry practice with more than 20 years of experience supporting federal health agencies in identifying and mitigating risk acros... More

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