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Your mission is our priority. Deloitte helps government, public sector, and higher education organizations support and advance their missions by driving cloud application modernization.

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Deloitte's cloud services are here to make your business more efficient. We bring deep cloud technology experience to guide you on your cloud journey, from workforce cloud transformation and data application modernization to cloud migration services, multi-cloud management, and security and safety enhancement. We are here to help you maximize your mission results.

Demonstrating value
Building a secure cloud
Reducing complexity
Preparing workforce
Showing why

Demonstrating the value of cloud

Whether you are just starting your move to the cloud or are further along in your journey, investing in the cloud requires a strong business case that takes a holistic approach. Your agency can show a positive return on investment more quickly and deliver real value to its stakeholders when it takes full advantage all that cloud has to offer.

Deloitte can help:

  • Build a strong business case that factors in total cost of ownership, such as data center overhead, aging infrastructure, and future organizational needs.
  • Increase stakeholder confidence by developing a proof of concept to test the business case return on investment and assumptions.
  • Establish a financial baseline, total cost of ownership, and financial model to determine savings and costs to achieve.

Building a more secure solution

Security is of upmost important, especially for the government. Agencies want to gain security in the cloud, leveraging the latest technologies in security monitoring, responding to threats, and more. Cloud can offer a more secure solution when you utilize the cloud’s continuous security capabilities and understand the agency’s responsibility in securing the cloud.

Deloitte can help:

  • Secure applications through leading cloud cyber security capabilities with real-time security monitoring and automated response to identify and address threats.
  • Partner with the Cloud Service Providers to ensure compliance with various security standards and compliance requirements.
  • Develop and design an integrated cloud security strategy with controls built into the platform.

Reducing complexity

The cloud offers innovation, flexibility, and resiliency. However, getting the most out of your cloud journey involves a plan for managing complexity—the complexity that can arise from managing multiple cloud solutions from various stakeholders across your organization.

Deloitte can help:

  • Assess your IT infrastructure to plot out a specific transformation that encompasses every aspect of your situation.
  • Manage and configure your multi-cloud environment across each Cloud Service Provider so you can gain the versatility and reliability of a multi-cloud strategy.
  • Employ complex and data-driven analysis to map applications and infrastructure and determine the right migration path and landing zone.

Preparing the workforce and organization

Cloud is more than just technology. Successful cloud implementations require an organizational change that prepares the workforce and larger organization for the cloud. Our human-centric approach ensures your organization and people make the cloud journey effectively, together.

Deloitte can help:

  • Build digital maturity by determining how you should organize, operate, and behave to leverage cloud capabilities and meet future technology needs.
  • Define work outcomes and determine which work will “stop”, “start”, and “change” in the future.
  • Develop learning plan and upskilling program by prioritizing future capability sets and target persona groups for upskilling.

Showing why

Investing in the cloud requires capital and broad stakeholder buy-in. Capital and resources needs, potential risks, and political considerations are all factors that can challenge the decision to invest in cloud. However, by emphasizing the transformative benefits of moving to the cloud, you can show why now is the time to invest.

Deloitte can help:

  • Show the impact of increased scalability, enabling rapid access cloud capacity and response to changes in business demand.
  • Utilize streamlined, automated services so you can focus on the mission and reduce time spent on routine tasks.
  • Leverage Generative AI and ML algorithms to use predictive modeling and capture key insights to drive business decisions.

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The power of cloud

Deloitte provides public sector organizations with solutions that enable using cloud to modernize, innovate, and maximize their mission delivery.

Cloud services tailored to your mission

Whether you are initiating an enterprise-level cloud transformation or seeking to increase efficiencies through modernizing specific processes, Deloitte has an array of cloud services for government and public agencies —all of which can help unlock new possibilities for your mission and how it is executed.

We offer:

Cloud Business Transformation
Future of Work
Intelligent Cloud Operate & Cyber
Cloud Analytics & AI
Cloud Native Development
App Modernization & Migration
Cloud Infrastructure & Engineering
Packaged Services on Cloud
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Integration makes the mission possible

As a mission-driven organization, it takes more than technology to deliver. You want to leverage artificial intelligence while enhancing data security. You want your people to work more efficiently, your constituents to connect more seamlessly, and your organization to run more intelligently. Our integrated services for government agencies are built around those wants to help you expand what’s possible.


Cyber risk now permeates nearly every aspect of how we live and work. Deloitte collaborates with organizations to provide deeper insight into addressing cyber risks while promoting innovation and program impact.

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The impact of AI on government and its workforce has only just begun. Government agencies can apply AI throughout their enterprise, enabling more efficient, responsive systems to accelerate mission outcomes.

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Operate Services harness the power of people, innovation, and technology to not only run, but also improve and optimize a government organization’s operations, allowing it to focus on solutions critical to its mission.

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Sustainability, equity, and climate (SCE) are top-of-mind as governments are faced with an unprecedented challenge and opportunity to address climate change. We can help improve public sector resilience and sustainability, enhance readiness, and drive equitable growth.

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