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Accelerate adoption: Amazon Web Services capabilities

Manage cloud data security and cyber risk

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides innovative services that include a broad set of public cloud capabilities. Scalability, elasticity, flexibility, and business benefits are driving adoption at a rapid pace across many industries and sectors as a major cloud technology enabler for digital transformation. As organizations adopt cloud to transform their businesses, cyber risk management should also be transformed. A strategy that leverages Deloitte’s cyber risk framework, coupled with the native services built in AWS, can help enterprises move to the cloud with confidence that cyber risks are being addressed.

AWS Level 1 Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP)

Deloitte’s cloud cybersecurity managed services help our clients rapidly scale security and compliance on the AWS cloud. As an AWS Level 1 Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP), we collaborated closely with AWS security specialists to develop 10 managed security service (MSS) specializations that can be procured individually or bundled as part of our CCMS offering that can help you protect and monitor your AWS environment.

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Have you heard about our Amazon Web Services (AWS) Control Tower Offering?

Organizations are facing several challenges related to Cloud account management. This is primarily because provisioning and managing Cloud accounts is tedious and non-standardized. As a result, there can often be inconsistencies among accounts, inability to manage multi-account architectures, and difficulty identifying or remediating insecurely configured resources.

Deloitte Cloud Account Management (DCAM) builds upon AWS Control Tower’s automated account provisioning and governance to help organizations address the above challenges. We embed automated Continuous Integration (CI)/Continuous Delivery (CD) pipelines and broad policy enforcement into the account management lifecycle to create and manage Cloud accounts that are secure-from-start.

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Ransomware resilience on Amazon Web Services: Balancing security and recovery strategies

Learn how Deloitte and Amazon Web Services (AWS) can help you design your AWS environment with ransomware resilience. With the AWS shared responsibility model illustrated in figure 1, AWS is responsible for security of the cloud, while the customer is responsible for security in the cloud.

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Explore and download our collection of AWS cyber risk white papers

Deloitte and AWS have co-authored a series of white papers that dive deeper into the seven cyber risk domains and other cloud security topics. Explore those currently available by clicking on the links below and please check back as additional papers will be released in the coming months.

Security risk contained: a threat-centric approach to container & microservices security

Policy and Security Automation using AWS Control Tower

Securing Blockchain Workloads on AWS



Software Supply Chain Security

AWS Security Overview

AWS Secure IoT



AWS Data Protection

AWS Identity and Access Management

AWS Network and Infrastructure Security



AWS DevSecOps Model

AWS HIPAA Compliance

AWS Cyber Governance Risk & Compliance

The Shift to Cloud Auditing

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