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Investments in cybersecurity services are at an all-time high. Yet cyberattacks are still on the rise, both in number and sophistication. Technology innovation can vastly accelerate performance, but opens new doors for cyber criminals. Learn how you can lead, navigate, and disrupt in a complex cyber landscape.

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Secure services

Organizations need to be more diligent and deliberate than ever in being secure, focusing on having risk-prioritized controls to defend against known and emerging threats. Secure services help clients establish controls and processes around their sensitive assets, balancing the need to reduce risk, while also helping to enable productivity, business growth, and cost optimization objectives. Explore our insights and service offerings below.

  • Identity Services
    Identity services help companies manage the explosion of digital identities and access to critical resources, both internal and cloud-based. In this age of digital transformation, the spheres of the individual’s life―as a professional, consumer, and private citizen―are interlinked in a complex digital structure, like a piece of fabric. The growing ability to piece together a digital picture of a person’s life and identity carries both risk and opportunity.

    Wherever an organization is on its journey, we can help them achieve efficiencies, reduce risk, and evolve to support the changing needs of the digital business. With 20 years of identity management experience across the major industries, we offer field-tested accelerators and methods that are scalable and adaptive to each client’s specific set of business requirements.
  • Data Protection
    Data Protection services help implement capabilities and technologies to protect sensitive data. As infrastructure and applications become more virtualized and adaptive, new cybersecurity gaps can be created as fast as old ones have been addressed, making the prevention of data breaches more difficult than ever. By prioritizing preventative and detective defenses around highly sensitive data, security teams can help reduce data loss and risk when attackers get past network, application, and infrastructure controls.

    Leveraging these principles and an understanding of each client’s risk profile, Deloitte helps organizations design, implement, and manage capabilities to help better protect sensitive information across the end-to-end data lifecycle, and at an organization’s last line of defense.
  • Application Security 
    In the era of digital transformation, application portfolios are becoming exponentially more diverse—and support a growing community of users. As the application “surface area” expands, so does cyber risk. Amid the change, one thing remains constant: applications are the lifeline of the business—and need to be a front line of cyber defense. It’s an important time for organizations to reexamine their approaches to application security.

    Improving application security requires technical attention to individual applications, but also a broad framework across the application portfolio—from custom-developed to commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) applications and whether managed on-premise, on a mobile platform, in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment. It also requires the flexibility to support varying and often coexisting system methodology processes from waterfall, to agile, to DevOps in order to address application-related cyber risk at the pace of the organization’s digital evolution.

    Deloitte’s application security services help organizations to design and implement security mechanisms across the system development methodology that can flex to your operational requirements to drive value through IT while also protecting your application portfolio against the changing cyber threat landscape.
  • Infrastructure Security
    Infrastructure Security services focus on developing advanced protection of core systems and devices. Today’s critical business drivers—the need to digitally transform, modernize the supply chain, enhance customer experience, increase agility, reduce costs, etc.—are driving a major shift in technology priorities. This shift includes increasing focus on cloud adoption, the Internet of Things (IoT), hybrid computing, software-defined networks (SDN), robotic process automation (RPA), blockchain, artificial intelligence, and more. The infrastructure supporting it has become highly virtualized and automated—and the traditional means of securing infrastructure fall short.

    Deloitte helps organizations move toward a modernized, risk-focused agile defense approach. While the basic infrastructure domains—physical facilities, networks, systems and storage, and endpoints—that need to be protected remain the same, the means to secure them must evolve. By providing assessment, strategy, architecture, implementation, and operational management assistance across the four infrastructure domains, we help clients face our brave new world with a transformed, agile defense capability.
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Vigilant services

As it becomes increasingly difficult to prevent infiltrations and unauthorized activity, organizations need to be vigilant, using threat intelligence and situational awareness to identify harmful behavior. Vigilant services leverage deep experience with analytic and correlation technologies to help clients develop monitoring capabilities focused on critical business processes. By integrating threat data, IT data, and business data, security teams are equipped with context-rich alerts to help prioritize incident handling and streamline incident investigation. You can’t respond to threats you can’t see. Explore our insights and service offerings below.

  • Security Operations Optimization
    Security Operations Optimization services develop capabilities to streamline maintenance of security controls, improve detection of threats and policy violations, and prioritize cyber incident handling. Cybersecurity operations can no longer be an isolated technical function or facility—they are an essential business asset. Without the means to manage evolving cyber threats, perpetual technology-enabled business innovation gives rise to increasing levels of cyber risk. Strong cyber operations are part of the foundation that help organizations be confident in an increasingly competitive, disruptive marketplace.

    Deloitte’s Security Operations Optimization services assist organizations through the transformations needed to build truly risk-driven security operations centers (SOCs). Our portfolio of services provide the help you need, from assessment and strategic planning, to process and workflow development, implementation of tools and technologies, development of correlation and analytic capabilities, and ongoing operational assistance.
  • Threat Intelligence & Analytics
    Threat Intelligence & Analytics solutions help clients build and mature their threat intelligence capabilities by incorporating proactive insights into the cyber threat management ecosystem. Cyber adversaries exploit the unprecedented complexity of today’s environment. The ability to detect attacks is not a purely technical effort. It requires continuous awareness of threats on the horizon and the ability to distill vast amounts of data into practical, actionable insights for both business and technical teams.

    Deloitte professionals can work with a client on-premise to help them improve and enrich their current threat intelligence capabilities through a customized combination of service components. Although there are threat trends common across industry sectors, the shape of every business is different, and each may have specific reasons for being targeted by attackers. With a clear picture of the organization’s specific risk profile, cyber teams can leverage a combination of automated threat data and hands-on threat research to help shape purpose-built controls, detection mechanisms, and incident response support.
  • Vulnerability Management 
    Vulnerability Management services help reduce the exploitable gaps in applications, hardware configurations, and operating systems. Many cyber incidents begin with the exploitation of a known vulnerability—and are preventable. For the typical organization, the technology footprint is vast and complex, and hiring ample talent to keep up with the ever-evolving vulnerabilities is often a challenge. Vulnerability management is a complex problem that should be addressed with a risk-centric and holistic approach.

    Deloitte works with organizations at varying capability levels to help them improve their ability to prioritize, act efficiently on high-risk vulnerabilities, and become more efficient at routine handling of those with lower-risk. Complementary functions are brought together to maintain a dynamic view of risk, and selective penetration testing is used on a periodic or as-needed basis to confirm that gaps have been closed.
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Resilient services

Given the ever-changing nature and complexity of today's business ecosystems, technology environments, and cyber threats, business leaders have accepted that cyber incidents cannot be prevented. How damaging a cyberattack or breach becomes depends—in part—on how rapidly the situation can be analyzed; how decisively leaders take action; and how effectively teams interact with customers, media, legal counsel, law enforcement, and industry peers. Being resilient means having the ability to recover from and reduce the impact of cyber incidents, and Resilient services help clients be prepared. Don't wait until a cyberattack happens. Explore our insights and service offerings below.

  • Cyber Incident Response
    Cyber Incident Response services assist clients in planning for, responding to, and recovering from cyber incidents, which have the potential to seriously disrupt operations, damage reputation, and erode shareholder value. The ability to promptly respond to, and recover from, cyber incidents is a top risk issue for senior executives and board members. The clock is ticking. No matter how solid the organization’s incident response plan is, the actual event is not likely to unfold as expected, so positioning effective response strategies is a critical imperative for any business. In today’s rapidly changing threat environment, you can have the confidence of knowing that Deloitte’s cyber crisis specialists are on speed-dial, positioned to work with you from beginning to end of the incident response life cycle.
  • Cyber Wargaming
    Cyber Wargaming is an interactive technique that immerses potential cyber incident responders in a simulated cyber scenario to help organizations evaluate and improve their cyber incident response preparedness. As cyberattacks have become more frequent—and potentially more harmful—being prepared is more important than ever. Well-designed cyber incident response plans and “tabletop” exercises provide an important foundation—but nothing can test an organization’s readiness better than cyber wargaming exercises that simulate a real attack.

    Simulation experiences can be highly customized, and/or can draw on a wide range of pre-built exercise components. Our wargame exercises utilize gamification techniques and have been shaped by Deloitte’s rich industry experience and understanding of the current threat landscape.
  • Cyber Resilience
    Cyber Resilience offerings focus on increasing the capacity of an organization to withstand and recover from cyber disruptions. Technology powers virtually every part of the economy and society; it is expected to be “always on.” With an increase in cyberattacks that aim to disrupt critical infrastructure or core business operations, there is a more acute need for resilient systems that are purpose-built to withstand cyber incidents in an ever-changing digital world. Further, after an incident occurs, stakeholders expect you to emerge stronger. Recovering from a cyber incident involves an important balance between recovering or enhancing capabilities and restoring confidence among a broad spectrum of stakeholders.

    Using innovative architecture and redesigned process and governance models, our cyber resilience approach shifts from reactive, static recovery measures (i.e., disaster recovery) to proactive, adaptive ones. Solutions are tailored to the specific business process or operation, supported by an understanding of how they could be impacted by particular types of cyber threats. Our approach to helping clients deal with extended business disruptions assists an accelerated and balanced recovery of critical business functions, cyber capabilities, and stakeholder relationships.

The Deloitte difference

Are you one step ahead of cyber criminals? We can help you lead in a complex cyber landscape, navigate risks and opportunities, and disrupt with innovative technologies to emerge stronger and more secure than ever. Reach out today to learn how Deloitte can help improve security, vigilance, and resilience related to your organization’s cybersecurity services.

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