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A state perspective: Cash generation during COVID-19

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As a response to businesses conditions related to COVID-19, taxpayers may have opportunities to generate or save cash at a state and local level. Listen as we discuss the possibilities for indirect tax, ways to free up tax department personnel to focus on those areas by outsourcing compliance, and opportunities for property tax cash generation and savings.

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Tax podcast: Cash generation strategies for indirect tax and property tax

April 13, 2020

On the indirect tax side, it’s contract personnel opportunities, indirect tax refund reviews, and outsourcing compliance. For property tax, it’s deferred payments, a focus on the current filing and an assessment cycle, and a strategy for future appeals. There are numerous state-level opportunities for businesses looking to save or generate cash in response to COVID-19.

On our latest tax podcast, Deloitte Tax leaders Kirsten Gulotta and Dave Hurrell discuss cash generation in the age of COVID-19.

So many of our clients are struggling with their day-to-day blocking and tackling, so we've been assisting them with really anything they need, be it audit defense, handling notices, working on preparing responses from their customers regarding different transaction tax issues, helping with their compliance, helping understand when certain compliance deadlines have been changed.

— Kirsten Gulotta

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