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Transforming tax: What are the latest trends?

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Given our dynamic times, organizations are challenged to think differently about the way they will operate in the future. In this latest episode, we’re joined by Deloitte Tax leaders Jason Sawyer and Emily VanVleet for a discussion on the key findings from Deloitte’s recent Global Tax Transformation Survey, as well as the obstacles and opportunities that organizations face as they contemplate a tax department transformation.

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Tax podcast: Transforming tax: What are the latest trends?

August 26, 2021

There are many considerations—many of them competing against one another—that an organization must consider before undertaking the digitization of its tax operations. Host Carrie Falkenhayn is joined by Deloitte Tax leaders Jason Sawyer and Emily VanVleet for a discussion on the latest tax transformation trends and the complexities business leaders face as they undertake their transformation journey.

Tax and C-suite leaders are focused on various ways to transform their tax operating models. Sometimes that’s accomplished through technology and data management and sometimes it comes through taking a hard look and maybe thinking a little bit differently on how you draw resources from different parties within your ecosystem, including some external service providers to help you balance all of those pressures.

—Emily VanVleet

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