International Tax Services

Deloitte's international tax consultants provide an extensive range of services to help multinational organizations meet their inbound and outbound tax requirements. These professionals offer international tax planning, compliance, and advisory services to ensure that tax practices meet defined business outcomes.

Value Chain Alignment (VCA)

In light of today's dynamic global economic environment and recent legislative changes, assessing a multinational’s global business model may no longer be an optional exercise. Deloitte’s Value Chain Alignment (VCA) team provides high quality, customized tax and business model transformation services. We particularly specialize in the areas of global supply chain and intellectual property, seeking to align business objectives with tax minimization. Our goal is to help multinationals integrate their operational and tax planning in a scalable and sustainable way to enable business leaders to make more effective decisions on an after-tax basis.

Deloitte delivers Value Chain Alignment (VCA) services using the VCA Insight Methodology, a set of experience-based approaches to developing solutions to a range of tax issues and opportunities. 

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​Global Strategies Group

As companies expand globally, their global tax and treasury strategies need to become more integrated, flexible and sustainable. Our dedicated Global Strategies Group (GSG) has the knowledge and experience to explore ways to help you take your global tax and treasury strategy to the next level. We can help you formulate, implement, and monitor a new approach that aligns your global tax and treasury strategies with your business objectives.

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International Core of Excellence

Need local insight into foreign tax jurisdictions for your U.S. tax planning? Finding the right specialists when and where you need them may be a challenge. Plus, if they live in the foreign country, will they understand how foreign tax law relates to your most important U.S. tax issues? The best of all worlds would be to have senior tax specialists from key foreign jurisdictions available here in the United States – pros who understand the overall tax context of your company along with the tax technical issues specific to the foreign country. Now you can. Learn more.

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International Mergers and Acquisitions

All transactions — whether mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, equity investments, or divestitures — raise complex issues regarding potential tax risks and provide opportunities to implement practical strategies to improve tax efficiency and certainty. When deals involve companies with global operations, the range of issue to consider is compounded. Companies need an advisor with deep experience across a wide range of issues in multiple jurisdictions. Deloitte offers support in all aspects of mergers, acquisition or disposition transactions, including due diligence, structuring, modeling, financing, post-merger integration, and reporting. Deloitte can assist in effectively navigating the myriad of tax, accounting, regulatory, cultural, and labor issues that arise in a transaction and helps companies to fully realize the anticipated post integration benefits.

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Intellectual Property Tax Planning Services

Intellectual property (IP) is a cornerstone of most multinational businesses, on which their financial and brand value is built. Registered patents, trademarks, and copyrights as well as unpatented technology, know-how, brands, and even customer contracts, can be powerful, mobile and invisible drivers of value. Deloitte’s IP Tax Planning services incorporate a combination of specialized skills, experience and effective practices from our International Tax, Transfer Pricing Tax, Multistate Tax, and M&A teams. Delivered within the framework of our broader Business Model Optimization (BMO) framework, we strongly believe that any IP tax planning should align with your business goals and strategies and reinforce your efforts to address risk management and compliance.

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International Strategic Tax Review

As companies expand globally, their global tax and treasury strategies need to become more integrated, flexible and sustainable. Deloitte's International Strategic Tax Review (ISTR) helps companies understand the drivers of their effective tax rate (ETR), assess risks, and better align tax management with future business model developments. Deloitte assists with foreign tax credits, income repatriation, ETR forecasting, risk management, post-merger integration and legal entity rationalization. An ISTR provides a framework for discussion, design and implementation of global tax and treasury strategies. Deloitte's fact-driven, analytical–rather than intuitive–approach helps multinational companies to objectively and methodically chart their tax strategy and manage risk going forward.

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International Tax Compliance

Tax departments of multinational businesses face formidable challenges coping with the profusion of compliance requirements imposed by the countries in which they operate. The increasing number of rules, more rigorous enforcement by tax authorities and staffing constraints compound these challenges. Deloitte offers efficient, cost-effective compliance services including co-sourcing and outsourcing options and a proven suite of integrated tax technologies that provide benefits throughout the life cycle of the organization. We help multinationals gain greater confidence in their level of compliance through improved data management and by determining data integrity and accuracy. We help manage risk, provide more timely and transparent reporting and improve overall compliance efficiency by automating and systematizing routine and repetitive tasks.

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International Tax Quantitative Consulting Services

Many companies face significant barriers to executing key international tax processes such as tax provisions, tax compliance, and tax planning because of poor, mismanaged or inaccessible data. Complex calculations, combined with compound legal structures and intercompany transaction flows, have created an international tax environment that can be difficult. Many tax departments are struggling with these challenges during a time when high-quality international tax personnel are becoming increasingly hard to find, attract, and retain.

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U.S. Inbound International Tax and Transfer Pricing Services

Investments by foreign businesses into the United States are often subject to taxes designed to level the playing field between those investors and U.S.-owned businesses. Deloitte has more than 100 International Tax Inbound Services specialists focused on inbound tax planning in the United States. Assisting them are hundreds of tax professionals working with our DTTL network of member firms around the world who bring their “home country” knowledge. Based on your company’s specific goals and business strategies, we can help you consider the overall structure of an investment or acquisition, the transfer pricing implications, opportunities for repatriation to a non-U.S. parent, and disposition of U.S. companies. 

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