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One stop government shop? Digitizing the state

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After years of enjoying easy one-click-shopping and personalized service from the tech giants, it's no surprise that consumers expect similar treatment from government entities through technology. But is that a realistic request? We asked Steve Hurst, managing director in Deloitte Consulting LLP's US Public Sector practice. He leads Deloitte's Digital Government market offering and is responsible for helping state and local governments adopt and expand their digital capabilities.

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Digital transformation in state government

In this episode, Steve explains which steps the government is taking to digitize government services, what that means for citizens, what costs are involved, and who will pay. Success in the digital age ultimately depends on how state governments execute end-to-end experiences, digital identity, and data sharing across the enterprise. Is the government on the road to success with this program, or will they need to forge another path? Let’s find out.

When people use digital services, they’re reducing the administrative burden on the state and this allows the agencies to focus their resources more effectively.

Delivering the digital state: What if state government services worked like Amazon?

Citizens are customers, too—who increasingly demand quick and effective service from government organizations online. Learn about how state and provincial governments can provide a better user experience by emulating the methods of top digital companies.

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