Future of connectivity: 5G will change the playing field

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​Ready or not, 5G is coming for us. It is positioned to be the most radical technology upgrade yet. 5G will make our lives even more connected and allow users to access even more digital information. Information exists about what the future of connectivity looks like from a consumer and use case perspective. But what about for the industry players—the people who help enable our connectivity?

Are your bases covered?

With 5G on deck, what can industry players expect?

In this episode of User Friendly, Dave Couture and Jack Fritz from Deloitte will help us separate the hype from the substance as we explore the future of connectivity. They will also discuss the challenges, opportunities, and top considerations for the near and not so near future of 5G.

5G, spectrum, wireless, deep fiber and small cells: all these technologies are bringing us closer to what’s possible with the future of connectivity.

Are your bases covered for 5G?

Connecting the future of mobility

Self-driving cars and flashy entertainment apps may get all the attention, but fast, reliable, omnipresent connectivity will be the backbone of the new transportation ecosystem. And that means that telecom companies will likely play as integral a role as any automaker, tech giant, or urban planner.

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