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​Tech, media, and telecom (TMT) trends are always evolving—and so are we. Now in its second season, User Friendly is taking an exciting new turn with our new host, Hanish Patel, a TMT veteran who brings more than two decades of experience—as a client in industry, consultant on digital strategy, and dynamic, in-demand speaker. Tune in to learn more about Hanish, "Digital transformation guy for media and telecoms. Fan of shiny new tech, vinyl aficionado, and an avid follower of the beautiful game. Londoner in Los Angeles."

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Meet our new host!

In this special Q&A episode, Hanish Patel, aka @HanLXXIII, and the new host of User Friendly, talks about why he's joining the show and how to interpret the hype in TMT. He'll explain what he's done to help businesses stay ahead of disruption and harness the benefits as quickly and efficiently as possible. Plus, he'll tell us a thing or two about why Prince is really the king (obviously best on vinyl), and share some great Britishisms to use on your next business trip to London. Want to be known for your spot-on insights into TMT trends? Subscribe to User Friendly with Hanish and have a little chinwag with Hanish.

Everything you do has to have an international lens. You can’t be successful as an organization without that view.

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Blink and you might miss it. Trends in tech, media, and telecom are developing faster than you can say "User Friendly"—our new podcast focused on dissecting the industry's latest developments. In each episode Hanish Patel, digital transformation leader in Deloitte Consulting, and his guests break down these trends into something more user friendly.

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