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Today, the US sports industry is facing complex challenges, from adopting emerging technologies and digital transformation, to issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Learn how our Sports Business Consulting services can help sports organizations like yours address risk, maintain compliance, and make bold moves to lead the industry and sustain growth.

Going on the offensive: Tackle issues critical to business success

In the wake of disruptive forces in the industry over the last few years, many sports organizations recognize the need for transformative, foundational changes to their businesses in order to set themselves up for long-term success. Advanced technologies such as 5G and artificial intelligence are changing how, when, and where fans experience sporting events. How can sports organizations take advantage of new opportunities, such as sports betting and fantasy, to create deeper engagement with fans—and drive revenues? Also, as cultural awareness around issues of social justice and mental health continue to rise, the role of sports in society has come to the forefront. How can leagues, teams, and media and entertainment companies actively create and promote positive change for society as a whole?

Sports organizations, venues, and broadcasters looking to compete on this shifting playing field should develop strong relationships with their fans and customers, invest in data analytics to guide decision-making and support their marketing efforts, and continually reinvent how they evolve and operate. Deloitte’s Sports Business Consulting practice is here to help you do just that, with a comprehensive breadth and depth of services and industry experience, and a collaborative approach to curating solutions based on the unique needs and goals of your organization.

By looking more deeply into your organization’s business goals and functions, we can help you bring bold strategies to life that yield measurable benefits. Our consulting organization offers a wide spectrum of capabilities—from helping sports organizations build world-class strategies and optimize fan marketing to enhancing core business operations and operating components that are at the heart of the business—aimed at delivering on the full growth potential of sports organizations.

We advise executives across teams, leagues, and governing bodies, while facilitating connections across the breadth and depth of Deloitte, our ecosystem, and our alliance partnerships. We also act as a systems integrator and operator for key capability areas, and with our experience outside of the sports sector, we’re working to lead industry-wide transformation.

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Pete Giorgio
Principal and US Sports Practice Leader
Deloitte Consulting LLP

Our value goes far beyond our ability to complete a tax return. We’re all about anticipating your needs and delivering proactive solutions. It’s our goal to ensure that tax doesn’t become an excessive cost for your organization or distract from how you run it.

Our experience across the sports industry ecosystem gives us an elevated understanding of the issues and trends impacting our clients—whether it’s the tax implications of operating venues and facilities, or how new revenue streams could affect leagues. And with the help of our dedicated sports tax practice, your organization can achieve a holistic approach to tax planning, compliance, and owner integration.


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Darin McKee

Deloitte Tax LLP


Frank Fisher
Deloitte Tax LLP

We don’t believe that risk is simply managed—it’s confronted. In Advisory, we don’t take a defensive crouch. We move forward, helping to define the unknowns and frame the issues before you encounter them. Whether your challenge is cyber, transactional, regulatory, operational or internal controls, we can help prepare you to preempt the threat, define what’s vital, and secure it.

Our Risk & Financial Advisory practice is a group of passionate professionals who have committed themselves to the sports industry, with on-point experience and an in-depth understanding of your unique business issues. We bring in the power of advanced analytics to define and enhance the fan experience, driving loyalty and profitability at a time when sports franchises are facing shifting consumer behaviors and technology adoption challenges.


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Steven Amato
Advisory Partner
Deloitte & Touche LLP

With a long-standing history as the auditor of choice for many sports organizations, media companies, and entertainment facilities, you can count on us as your trusted service provider. We audit intelligently, with a thorough risk assessment that helps us focus on significant risks rather than treating every risk equally. We strive to provide a disciplined audit that’s customized to your business, empowered by industry-leading technology, provides efficiencies in testing shared services, and reduces existing friction. Additionally, our transformed audit can reduce audit burden, freeing up time for your people to focus on what matters.

We also offer Accounting and Reporting Advisory services. With changing accounting standards, major business and economic events, and organizational transformation, many companies are looking for a flexible, integrated approach to people, process and technology. Whether it be helping you meet evolving accounting needs or improving reporting capabilities related to major accounting events and business transactions, our accounting advisory and transformation team is here to help you solve your biggest problems.


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Dan Whelehan

Audit & Assurance Partner
Deloitte & Touche LLP

Michael Brodsky
Audit & Assurance Managing Director
Deloitte & Touche LLP

Due to independence restrictions that may apply to audit clients (including affiliates) of Deloitte & Touche LLP, we may be unable to provide certain services to such clients based on individual facts and circumstances.

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Pete Giorgio

Pete Giorgio

Global and US Sports Practice Leader

Pete, a principal with Deloitte Consulting LLP, leads Deloitte’s Global and US Sports practices, serving multiple sports clients. His main areas of focus are strategic growth, customer acquisition, di... More

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