Why wi-fi?

In-store engagement with the constantly-connected consumer

Consumers today understand the value of information. It puts them in control. While most consumers have numerous access points to information, increasingly consumers are relying on smartphones, mobile devices, and the Internet. Retailers, for their part, are coming to understand the value of assisting consumers in their quest for information. Emails, Facebook pages, location-based marketing, and in-store Wi-Fi are just a few of the ways that retailers are now connecting with consumers, sharing information with them and facilitating the purchase decision.

Wi-Fi in particular enhances the consumer’s ability to stay connected anytime and anywhere. With Wi-Fi, the second a shopper walks into the store, the point of sale expands from the register to the customer’s smartphone. As a result, the retailer can more closely and promptly engage the customer with its brand offering. Yet many retailers today are still missing out on this opportunity to increase customer engagement and conversion and thus sales, because they have yet to install or enhance Wi-Fi in their stores.

This report explores the potential benefits of Wi-Fi in the store for both retailers and consumers, including improved conversion, better data collection, personalization opportunities, and a richer multi-channel experience. 

Explore the benefits of in-store Wi-Fi
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