COVID-19 has accelerated the global food system transformation


COVID-19 has accelerated the global food system transformation

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The COVID-19 pandemic fast-tracked the global food system transformation. Companies that recognise and respond well to the challenges while preparing for the time after the crisis are best prepared to thrive beyond the crisis.

Prepare your business for what's ahead. Check our insights on COVID-19's impact on the food system transformation.

Where will we eat?

Global consumers are cooking up comfort and concern

In our poll of 40,000 consumers across 18 countries, respondents indicated an overall pattern of continued at-home consumption and avoiding crowds—even after the health crisis ends.

For instance, they say they will continue buying fresh food and cooking more than they did before the pandemic. While eating at restaurants will surely increase from today’s levels, consumers are telling us their...

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Thriving in the Post-Outbreak Future of Food

Building new, digital capabilities to address the needs of the future

How is COVID-19 impacting the future of food? Randy Jagt (Deloitte), Divya Gautam (Unilever) and Eric Parkin (Cargill) talk about how their companies are accelerating digitisation efforts during the COVID-19 crisis.

From personalised nutrition and smart kitchens to open source solutions to unite the supply chain: the COVID-19 crisis is fast-tracking creative innovations in the food industry.

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A shock to the food system

Lessons for the food system from the COVID-19 pandemic

Can the crisis act as a catalyst to accelerate the critical conversations around reforming global food systems?

An analysis of different potential scenarios and their impact on the food system for stakeholders across the value chain. These scenarios inform recommended actions that actors along the value chain can take to recover and thrive moving forward.

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Rethinking food supply chains in times of COVID-19

6 priorities to future proof our food supply chains

Food companies will have to seriously reshape their supply chains to stay resilient during and beyond the current crisis. From optimising portfolios and rethinking operations to accommodating a massive shift in demand and substantial growth in online channels, everything is on the table – including how to create a more responsible food supply chain.

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Food waste has gone viral

Solutions for reducing food loss and waste

Before COVID-19, food waste amounted to about 33% of global food production and consumption. The current COVID-19 lockdown measures are expected to push this percentage even higher, for example due to catering industry companies that need to get rid of expired food products, food production companies that are forced to switch their portfolio from out-of-home products to food retail products and (unnecessary) food hoarding by consumers.

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The future of personalised food and global health

Will COVID-19 lead to a tipping point in the industry?

The COVID-19 crisis is accelerating global transformations when it comes to the Future of Food & Health(care). This could very well be the final push the industry needs to dive into personalised nutrients and start an ecosystem play.

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COVID-19 has broken the global food supply chain. So now what?

Reshaping food supply chains to prepare for the post-outbreak era

The containment measures during the COVID-19 pandemic have drastically impacted the essential flow of food from farms and producers to consumers. Many lessons will be learned once the worst effects of COVID-19 subside, but we think one of the key lessons for food businesses is already crystal clear. Companies need to use the momentum of the outbreak as an opportunity to re-design their supply chain with future resilience in mind.

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COVID-19 and the food industry

Beyond the crisis - Part 5

The COVID-19 crisis has coincided with major shifts in food-linked perceptions in the Netherlands, and has spawned new behaviours and preferences. The next few months offer a window of time to harness that change and help shape new paradigms of the food industry, with digitisation, innovation and health at the forefront.

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Impact of COVID-19 on the agri-food sector in Central and Eastern Europe

A research by EIT Food and Deloitte

In collaboration with EIT Food (Europe’s leading food innovation initiative) we have mapped the shock to the food system and the impact that COVID-19 has on farmers, the supply chain, retailers and consumers in Central and Eastern Europe. t.

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