Rebooting for Recovery

A point of view for business executives

There are many unknowns in our current business environment. In just a few months, COVID-19 has transformed how we work and how we learn, with many of the changes likely here to stay. As we emerge from immediate crisis response, and as federal, state, and local governments start opening up the economy, organizations must be ready to Reboot their business and communicate with clarity to workers, customers, and partners.

What a Deloitte Reboot can do for your organization

Reboot is a critical gateway sitting between the Respond and Recover phases of Deloitte’s three-phased pandemic response plan. By putting people first, Reboot enables organizations to address their unique health, safety, and financial concerns while promoting productivity and positioning for growth. Get in touch to learn how Deloitte can help your organization prepare for a resilient recovery and, ultimately, thrive.

COVID-19 has created major shifts in how businesses and societies operate. As countries begin to push more aggressively for reopening, we will likely see economic recovery while health remains at risk, resulting in a divergence between health and economic outcomes. To find out more, read The inevitable reboot: Diverging health and economic outcomes report.

The pathway to organizational health is through human well-being

Reboot is, above all, a human-centric model. Rebooting doesn't just affect your own employees, but also suppliers, customers, and ecosystem partners. A successful Reboot requires organizations to:

  • Adopt a human focus with health and well-being as the no. 1 priority
  • Approach with pragmatism and not just theory
  • Make it real by considering critical workforce journeys
  • Use facts and analytics to make informed decisions
  • Employ digital solutions with state-of-the-art tech to promote transparency

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Reboot: Approaches for leaders to enable a resilient recovery

What Reboot means for your organization

Deloitte’s approach evaluates each organization’s unique circumstances, ranging from macro conditions such as health, industry, and regulatory mandates to micro conditions like facilities, infrastructure, and individual worker preferences and requirements. Reboot then establishes phases and work scenarios for teams and individual employees, along with monitoring and safety protocols tailored to each of those scenarios.

Our latest thinking

Learn more about the latest trends and considerations organizations need to take into account as they prepare for reboot and a resilient recovery.

Deloitte’s extensive set of enablers

Deloitte’s extensive set of enablers includes a command center; data and insights; a comprehensive back-to-work platform; and regulatory and compliance applications. These resources span risk prediction and mitigation; crisis response management and recalibration; supply chain disruption sensing and intelligence; and monitoring and insights into regulatory requirements.

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