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MyPath™ to Work: Workplace Health Risk Management Post–COVID-19

A scalable technology solution to enable resilient recovery

MyPath to Work is a comprehensive, modular technology solution that can empower organizations to manage new workplace health risks presented by COVID-19 to recover with resilience. With a combination of tightly integrated Deloitte and third-party technology and services, MyPath to Work is designed to enable enhanced workplace safety protocols, visibility into risk factors, agile response to changing health conditions, and engagement and support for colleagues—all configured to specific organizational needs.

Managing workplace health risks

Built on Deloitte’s robust ConvergeHEALTH platform that is live in 22 countries supporting millions of individuals, our solution can help jump-start organizational readiness for recovery.

  • Many regions are easing COVID-19 lockdowns, and organizations are operating in a fundamentally changed environment that requires employers to continuously manage new health risks.
  • Every organization will likely need to navigate a complex set of choices involving five key imperatives—health and safety, privacy and civil liberties, economic priorities, socioeconomic conditions, and regulatory and legal requirements—to address their unique circumstances.
  • Organizations should develop resilient recovery strategies–prioritizing needs of their customers, employees, and communities–that balance these imperatives to address their unique circumstances.
  • Recovery strategies may need to combine a range of approaches customized to different segments of their workforce, different jobs and physical environments in which they are performed, and geographic locations.

Resilient recovery will likely require diverse capabilities, including commitment to safety, employee reassurance and support, visibility into risk factors, agility to execute and pivot, and building trust with stakeholders.

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From Respond to Reboot: Workforce health and safety are at the heart of resilient recovery

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Solution capabilities for MyPath to Work

MyPath to Work leverages components of ConvergeHEALTH’s award-winning1 patient engagement and analytics platforms, which are live in 22 countries.

  • Modular, cloud-based architecture allows integration with existing HR, CRM, and ERP systems.
  • Built using a rigorous quality management system and software development processes under ISO 13485 certification.
  • Interoperable with major mobile platforms, supports connected devices, and enables omnichannel communications.
  • FHIR compliant data repository to simplify integration with EHR/EMR capabilities when appropriate.
  • Advanced AI-powered analytics integrate a broad range of data sources.

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How it works

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How MyPath to Work operates to help manage workplace health risks

How MyPath to Work manages workplace health risks presented by COVID-19

MyPath to Work enables resilient business recovery by:

  • Implementing enhanced safety protocols tailored to talent, job, and workplace characteristics
  • Monitoring workforce risk exposures evaluated in the appropriate context
  • Making timely decisions to mitigate risk factors and support business continuity
  • Expanding outreach and support to employees to help them cope with the new environment



Customizable to the unique circumstances and requirements of your organization


Efficient by directing attention and resources with efficiency through automation and integration of workflows


Risk-aware through data analytics to model and assess risks and inform decisions


Human-centric by empowering employees with information and intuitive tools and enabling new levels of support and engagement

Reboot: Approaches for leaders to enable resilient recovery

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1 2019 Salesforce Partner Innovation Award, 2018 Bio-IT World Best Practices Award, 2017 Cloud Pioneer Data Impact Award.

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