Make the most of application modernization

As cutting-edge technologies and cloud services evolve, application modernization is becoming a business imperative. How will you approach modernization in the face of mounting IT complexity?

When it comes to modernizing your legacy applications, there’s more than meets the eye—including inherent risks to your enterprise systems and intellectual property. Find out how Deloitte’s innoWake™ Discovery and Mining solutions and IBM Operational Decision Manager for z/OS® can help.

Mainframe, meet modernization

Rapid innovation is creating an environment where application modernization is table stakes. Our 2020 Mainframe Market Pulse Survey results pointed to an expected increase in the amount of data and applications on the mainframe, as well as transaction volume over the next two years.

When asked about priorities over the next 12 months, a vast majority of US business and IT leaders noted both increasing application availability and refactoring applications as critical or high priority. They’re also already undertaking a number of application modernization activities.

The potential benefits of application modernization are many, including digital transformation; better developer experiences; end-to-end insight into code, applications, and business rules; increased speed to deployment; and improved operations in a hybrid environment. But where should you start?

Rev up your business rules engine

As indicated in our survey, business rules engines—which express core business knowledge, processes, and intellectual property inside applications—are one area of focus for organizations making changes. Why? Because having ready access to these business rules and the ability to adapt them to changing requirements can help you stay nimble and competitive.

For many organizations, these rules can be buried deep inside legacy code, making them hard to find and properly update. Deloitte’s Application Modernization innoWake™ Discovery and Mining solutions help automate, streamline, and accelerate the extraction of business rules so they can be integrated into a rules manager via IBM Operational Decision Manager for z/OS® (IBM zODM). IBM zODM supports a more modern, sustainable, self-service model for business rules management by allowing cross-functional teams to develop, change, and manage rules using a single automated tool and process.

Find your path to a digital future

No two application modernization journeys are alike, and the best approach for your organization depends on your existing estate. Our proprietary methodologies, technology alliances, and Application Modernization innoWake™ suite of solutions provide end-to-end business processes and technologies. The end result? A business-led, application-driven approach to legacy transformation and modernization that’s focused on driving business outcomes quickly and sustainably.

In addition, our collaborative alliance with IBM helps you capitalize on the benefits of going digital. We’re here to guide you through the design and implementation of end-to-end transformations tailored to your needs. Check out our field guide to get smart on the steps that can comprise your modernization journey.

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