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Survey Research and Analytics Center

Your data: Smarter, bolder, better.

The Deloitte Survey Research and Analytics Center (SRC) is a full-service research facility that applies sophisticated analytical methods and cutting-edge tools to help our clients make more informed business-driven decisions. Our work involves all stages of the research process from initial design, through execution and analysis, to the development and implementation of data-driven recommendations that allow our clients to drive toward greater business impact.

The Survey Research and Analytics Center team

The Deloitte SRC consists of deeply experienced, client-facing practitioners who are highly skilled across a broad range of research and evaluation techniques, including survey design, complex sampling methodologies, program evaluation, and industry-leading analytical and survey tools. Our team designs and conducts rigorous program evaluations employing diverse methodologies to measure the effectiveness of organization-specific programs and if they are achieving their objectives. We are trained in advanced research and analytic methods to obtain maximum value and insight from your data.

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Our cutting-edge technology

The Deloitte SRC specializes in taking on "big data" challenges and converting them into "big insights" by applying cutting edge data science tools of data visualization, analytics, and statistics, to enable data-driven insights and decision-making support for our clients. Our researchers use cutting-edge technology and research methods to uncover the patterns, trends, and relationships to provide valuable insights and resolve real-world questions. We provide data analysis techniques and tools that allow clients to drill down, explore, and actively "mine" data for deeper insight.

Deloitte takes data security seriously, and the SRC protects survey data, client information, and respondent identities with proven security procedures and encryption standards for our methods, computers, networks, and personnel.

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Our capabilities

Our expertise spans across all stages of the research process. We provide services in:

  • Research design consultation
  • Research instrument design
  • Sample design and selection 
  • Data collection and processing 
  • Data analysis and reporting 
  • Strategic action planning 
  • Implementation of action plans

The SRC has designed and conducted thousands of research studies worldwide for commercial and public sector clients. Our researchers have expertise in conducting multi-modal, multi-lingual surveys via sophisticated web-based survey tools, paper-based surveys, and in-person interviews or focus groups. We provide real-time survey metrics, as well as cost-saving report automation.

We offer complete flexibility to our clients, allowing for customized solutions fitted to their unique needs and environment, and can provide services individually, or holistically.

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Our solutions

Diversity and inclusion

Due to global trends and economic changes, organizations are focused on the quality of decision making and diversity of opinion and insight to gain competitive advantage. The ability to attract, develop and retain a diverse workforce has become a critical enabler of business strategies.

Our Talent Inclusion Solution assesses organizational dynamics in order to promote a diverse and inclusive environment. Our survey is designed to help organizations understand the impact diversity and inclusion has on key organizational performance factors, such as talent acquisition, talent development, talent retention, and employee engagement. The holistic solution determines key drivers and diversity and inclusion linkages to talent outcomes that drive business strategy.

Our Uncovering Talent Solution focuses on the concept of covering, the process through which individuals manage or downplay their differences, often at great cost to their sense of self. Uncovering Talent is critical for organizations to 'Win the War' for talent, customers, and global markets in an increasingly diverse operating environment.

Our Unconscious Drive Solution assesses unconscious bias and decision bias among leaders and equips leaders with the tools and strategies to mitigate bias. The diagnostic is the only one of its kind because it not only measures bias but makes clear why bias matters.


Workplaces are rapidly changing in response to the evolving role of business, new technologies, shifting demographics, and our pursuit of purpose for shared value. Leaders are grappling to find better ways to compete, claim new markets, and innovate for growth. CulturePathTM provides the objective insights and rigor required to understand strengths and gaps to drive the behaviors needed to support the business strategy. Deloitte's CulturePath solution assesses an organization based on cultural indices critical to business outcomes and provides insights for organizational culture change.

Our approach enables our clients to define a culture that will enable their business strategy, pinpoint their existing cultural strengths and gaps across eight indices, and then continuously cultivate the culture that's right for them. Deloitte's expertise and next-generation CulturePathTM solution deliver unprecedented visibility into your organization, so you can actively shape your culture and drive your strategy.

Employee engagement

Employee engagement was found to be a top business issue among Global leaders according to our 2016 Human Capital Trends report. Employee engagement is defined as employees' level of attachment towards their job, coworkers, and organization. Engaged employees have an emotional investment in their organization, show a passion for their work, establish deep connections with their coworkers and go the extra mile to help their organization succeed.

Our EngagePathTM Solution is a data-driven approach reflective of today's workforce, powered by robust analytics. We employ an "always listening" approach to engagement through our pulse technology, and our solution is tied to critical business outcomes to obtain maximum business impact for your organization. We offer real-time access to survey data and have the capability to provide team and manager reports, to facilitate action planning throughout all levels of the organization.

Voice of the customer

Customer-perceived quality is the leading driver of business success. When your customers share their voice in real-time with you and your organization, they expect you to listen, act and report results.

Our Voice of the Customer tool allows organizations to make faster decisions in response to customer service issues. The goal of this tool is to understand the expectations of your customers and prospects for more effective relationships and deeper levels of value. Our customer service survey research methodology allows for a highly customizable approach while incorporating leading practices around survey design, administration, analysis, data visualization, and dissemination of results.

The tool uncovers opportunities for companies to improve sales, marketing, and customer management. This can enable clients to more effectively attract, grow, and maintain customer relationships across channels. The Voice of the Customer provides the early warnings and direction for your success, directly from the people who really matter.

Data translation for decision makers

The SRC's Decision Support solution delivers clear and accessible health data reports as one-page infographic placemats, simple power point presentations, and succinct feedback reports. Our decision support documents distil complex data to the most salient points and for visualizing data effectively to drive effective program and policy decision-making. Leaders are able to easily detect areas of concern in their organization and implement solutions to improve their business mission.

Our solution can be used in any setting that requires the interpretation and dissemination of evaluation studies, survey research, advanced analytics, and translates easily across Federal Health accounts.

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