TrueVoice™: Call center AI voice analytics

Optimizing your call center performance with AI analytics

TrueVoice™ is a voice analytics solution that allows business leaders to gain insights from every customer interaction to reduce risk, improve customer experience, agent performance, and overall operational effectiveness.

The challenge

When you’re running a contact center, every customer call matters–but without face-to-face interaction it’s easy to miss half the conversation.

That’s why we developed TrueVoice™–to give you the full picture.

Rather than relying on traditional keyword spotting alone, TrueVoice™ uses AI to analyze behavior and emotion on every call, helping you to quickly understand how your customers feeling and what your call centers agents are doing. And because it monitors all your customer interactions it can quickly highlight areas of risk as well as opportunities to improve the customer experience and reduce call agent churn.

When you want to do the right thing for every customer, TrueVoice™ helps you make the right call.


Improve customer satisfaction

TrueVoice™ can help you identify complaints directly from the call without having to wait for survey results. By benchmarking all contact center interactions, you have the insight you need to promote consistent outcomes for all customers and reduce churn.

Reduce risk

By monitoring your customer interactions with TrueVoice™ you can enhance regulatory compliance and reduce risk, ensuring you protect your most vulnerable customers.

Find the “needle in the haystack”—Automate quality monitoring

Reduce the time to perform call quality reviews by focusing your analysts' precious time on the calls that truly need review, and get to the specific section of the call without wasting effort looking at random calls.

Transform your customer experience

By helping your agents to better understand your customers, you can empower them to deliver an enhanced customer experience.

Improve measurement of agents' performance

Reward and learn from your highest performing call agents using the built-in quality score system. Use these insights to shape your training for call agents who need additional support using best practice examples.

Deliver operational efficiencies

TrueVoice™ delivers the insight you need to help optimize key call center processes and lower operational costs, such as which of your call agents are most efficient, and which agents are most regularly putting customers on hold.


TrueVoice™ is a scalable Artificial Intelligence platform that offers the following capabilities:

  • Analyzes both language and behaviors - both “what is said” and “how it is said”
  • Links conversation outcomes to a customer journey where appropriate, helping contact center resources see the bigger picture across separate interactions
  • Leverages machine learning (ML) models to predict outcomes rather than relying on standard key word spotting
  • Built on an open, flexible, scalable, cloud-based architecture enabling easy integration to existing platforms and call recording solutions

How it works

Analyze all your customer interactions to help you make the right call. 

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