Connected and autonomous vehicles

Accelerating the future movement of people and goods

With consumers demanding continuous connectivity, there’s no turning back on the connected highway. Autonomous vehicles, once an experiment, aren’t far behind. Deloitte’s connected and autonomous vehicles practice offers solutions to help you address opportunities and challenges, unlock new business models, maximize data, and lead innovation.

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Fusing software design, advanced connectivity, and autonomous operation to the transportation of both goods and people is no longer the realm of concept and experiment. It’s now a reality. Connected and autonomous vehicles are transforming what was once a purely physical experience of getting from point A to point B to one that’s increasingly become an always-on extension of peoples’ lives, complete with an ever-expanding set of user experiences. As part of that process, connected and autonomous technologies have shifted the value placed on vehicles: No longer is hardware the lone determinant—now software is too.

But even as their widespread adoption looms, software-led, connected, and autonomous vehicles still pose many unanswered questions.

Among the challenges yet to be solved:

  • Vehicle architecture should evolve in lockstep with autonomous and connected vehicle technology into a unified “computer” on wheels.
  • Automotive industry business models have to transform to accommodate connected and autonomous vehicle strategies.
  • New capabilities and interfaces should be developed and built.
  • New levels of customer intimacy to understand unmet needs to be achieved and broader ecosystems to be built.
  • Autonomous vehicle technologies will require continued development to stabilize and mature today’s key use cases, such as robo-taxis, “middle mile” trucks, and the next frontier of personal AV vehicles.
  • As autonomous vehicles are more widely deployed, multiple industries built around human-dominant driving patterns, including dealers, infrastructure players, travel and hospitality services, and vehicle OEMs themselves, will likely be disrupted and should be reconsidered.

Deloitte’s connected and autonomous vehicles practice is here to help you answer these questions and more so that you can proactively address short-term challenges, forge new models and revenue streams, embrace long-term opportunities, and lead future innovation.

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Ashok Divakaran

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Ian Thompson

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