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Analytics perspectives and solutions

Giving customers what they want, when they want it—even before they know they want it—is a primary goal for the TMT industry. These perspectives and business cases show how data analytics is helping create deeply personal experiences and innovative products for TMT companies and their customers. Today, the industry is at the forefront of embedding cognitive technologies in mobile applications, transforming individuals' personal and work lives so they can deliver stronger outcomes.

Analytics Insights for Technology, Media & Telecom

Reimagining the role of telecommunications in the new transportation ecosystem
Self-driving cars and flashy entertainment apps may get all the attention, but fast, reliable, omnipresent connectivity will be the backbone of the new transportation ecosystem. And that means that telecom companies will likely play as integral a role as any automaker, tech giant, or urban planner.
Digital democracy survey, 11th edition
A multi-generational view of technology, media, and telecom trends. Media consumption habits are shifting as evolving technology puts today's empowered consumer in the driver's seat. Find out how their attitudes and behaviors are impacting business models and economics across industries.
Flashpoints: Emerging trends in technology, media, and telecommunications
In the evolving technology, media, and telecommunications industries, new trends and possibilities emerge so quickly that it's sometimes difficult for business executives to keep pace. Flashpoints is your tool for gaining the context you need to make sense of these critical industry developments—as they emerge.
Analytics trends in focus: Tech Trends 2017
Data analytics is front and center in several of the eight trends featured in the Deloitte Tech Trends 2017 report. From dark analytics to machine intelligence, we take a look at data analytics trends that could disrupt business as usual over the next 18–24 months, creating competitive advantages and better outcomes for those who effectively anticipate what’s next.
For more companies, new ways of seeing
Can managers convince workers to don awkward headsets and embrace the possibilities of augmented and virtual reality?  An ever-wider range of businesses are finding applications for AR/VR technology, aiding workflow, collaboration, and productivity in sectors you might not expect
Beyond "doing something cognitive"
A systematic approach to engaging with and implementing cognitive technologies may seem to require more effort than the "do something cognitive" approach, but it is more likely to achieve expected results and may require less time and money over the long run.
Cognitive Technologies
This collection explores the impact of cognitive technologies on organizations and helps leaders make wise strategy and technology choices. Because cognitive technologies extend the power of information technology to tasks traditionally performed by humans, they can enable organizations to break prevailing trade-offs between speed, cost, and quality.
Minds and machines: The art of forecasting in the age of artificial intelligence
The human/artificial intelligence (AI) relationship is just heating up. So when is AI better at predicting outcomes, and when are humans? What happens when you combine forces? And more broadly, what role will human judgment play as machines continue to evolve?
Cognitive technologies in the technology sector
The technology sector’s interest in cognitive technologies is reaching fever pitch. Some tech companies are using cognitive technologies to create innovative new products and services, pursue new markets, and even reimagine their businesses.
Where do you fit in the new digital ecosystem?
Over the last 30 years, in a constantly shifting environment, TMT companies have struggled to gain solid ground, aiming to ride the trends of digital evolution and navigate the resulting disruption. Better understanding the underlying trends is key—as is comprehending the digital ecosystem as a whole.

Vitamin D: Deloitte’s Analytics Blog
Read some of the latest analytics blogs. Vitamin D delivers bold, real-world strategies and inspiring success stories to help organizations gain the insight-driven advantage and achieve better outcomes

Case studies

Business analytics case studies
Want to know whether the insight advantage is real or not? Just ask our clients. They know the difference between garden-variety analytics insights and those that directly influence business outcomes. Here are a few real-life examples.

Making the right call
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case study on how Deloitte helped a large wireless telecommunications company implement platforms to collect, store, and analyze data from across millions of customers and billions of transactions to achieve real-time marketing effectiveness.

Too much of a good thing
A major telecom provider became mired in too much data and not enough insight. They enlisted Deloitte to help them improve decision making by using big data and advanced analytics in an efficient, more cost-effective way.