User Friendly podcast at CES: Cognitive technologies

The bullish future of cog tech in the enterprise

This is not just another podcast about cognitive technology (cog tech) and artificial intelligence (AI). Join us as we take a deep dive into the ways that cog tech is infiltrating the enterprise. When will the tools we’ve built to mimic the mind surpass their biological counterpart?

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Plan for changes

Broadcast from CES 2018, Mic Locker and Jeff Loucks from Deloitte and Chad Steelberg, chairman and CEO at Veritone, tell us some of the key investments you see businesses making in this space, how cognitive technologies are being used in organizations today, and how to plan for the challenges of cog tech implementation at scale.

The solution set that most companies are bringing, the titans, are really about data science, how do I enable the bleeding-edge companies that are employing data scientists to be able to engage and take their internal data resources to build cognitive models that then can enhance their products and services.

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