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Total M&A Solution™

Accelerate the future of the deal

Throughout the mergers and acquisitions (M&A) life cycle, Deloitte’s Total M&A Solution provides cognitive enablers and accelerators to bring the power of automation, analytics, and machine learning to M&A transactions. The integrated set of innovative technologies offers M&A solutions that can be tailored to each client’s transaction journey—and helps map the path ahead. As a result, deal teams can provide in-tune M&A advice by accessing deeper insights earlier, handling deal complexities, anticipating what’s around the next curve, and effectively preparing organizations for change.

Deloitte’s Total M&A Solution

Learn how Deloitte’s Total M&A Solution helps you respond to your M&A and restructuring challenges, giving you the technology and tools to help your business create and achieve higher levels of transaction value.

Understanding the Deloitte difference

Recognized leader of M&A Services
Deloitte’s M&A solution specialists have the insight and experience to advise corporate and private equity investors through each stage of the mergers and acquisitions process. We help clients develop appropriate growth strategies based on their goals, so they'll be prepared to capitalize on opportunities during the merger, acquisition, or divestiture process. Providing the right M&A advice at the right juncture can make all the difference. Using accelerators increases the effectiveness of the deal.

From strategy to due diligence to integration or divestiture, we recommend established strategies and M&A solutions to help provide the confidence and support clients need to achieve their unique growth objectives.

Adapting to the future of the deal
Successful M&A deal makers understand that the business landscape is more complex and less predictable than ever. That anticipation and adaptability are essential. That innovation—in technology, processes, and data-driven insights—is instrumental to success. Across borders and across all phases of the mergers and acquisitions deal, Deloitte delivers.

We’re demonstrating the agility and commitment to respond to client M&A challenges. Where flexibility meets focus, highly customized mergers and acquisitions strategies become high-impact M&A solutions. Deal in enablers and accelerators with a new level of insight, drive, and quality and discover the future of the deal.

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Deloitte’s breadth of experience and industry insights enables us to deliver a value-added M&A services, from strategy and execution through integration and divestiture.

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Iain Bamford

Iain Bamford

Principal | Deloitte Consulting LLP

Iain is a Deloitte Consulting LLP Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) principal with extensive experience across the deal life cycle, from operational and commercial diligence to integration, carve out str... More

Chris Caruso

Chris Caruso

Partner | M&A Transaction Services

Chris is a partner in Deloitte & Touche LLP’s Life Sciences and Health Care M&A Divestitures practice. He has experience in advising financial and strategic buyers and sellers on many aspects of acqui... More

Olivier May

Olivier May

US S&O M&A Leader | Deloitte Consulting LLP

Olivier May is Deloitte’s Global Chief Commercial Officer (Global CCO) for IBM. In this role, he is responsible for all aspects of Deloitte’s global alliance relationship with IBM. Olivier focuses on ... More

Andrew Wilson

Andrew Wilson

Partner | M&A Transaction Services

Andy, a partner with Deloitte & Touche LLP, leads Deloitte’s US M&A Seller Services practice. He specializes in providing accounting and financial due diligence and structuring services, focusing on d... More


These are a sample of the technology enabled M&A tools that Deloitte uses to deliver M&A Services. Deloitte tailors its tools for the specific client circumstance and consideration. Due to independence restrictions that may apply to audit clients (including affiliates) of Deloitte, we may be unable to utilize or provide certain tools based on individual facts and circumstances.

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