Supply Chain

A holistic analytics platform of cognitive-enabled products, managed services, and integrated solutions designed to drive powerful visibility into your digital supply network with timely predictive and prescriptive insights.

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Market disruption and dynamic, complex digital supply networks make it imperative to unlock insights from the ocean of structured and unstructured data generated in today’s digital era. However, gaining enterprise-level visibility of a supply network can be challenging. Combined with Deloitte’s digital supply network (DSN) experience, SupplyPRISM™’s cognitive-enabled platform can help you gain predictive and prescriptive insights that can uncover supply problems and opportunities—before they occur—and take action to leverage outcomes across your supply network.

Developed by Deloitte Platforms™, SupplyPRISM is a single, integrated platform of prebuilt tools, managed services, and supply network solutions delivered over a scalable, cloud-enabled offering. Enhanced with Deloitte’s ecosystem of specialized services and capabilities, SupplyPRISM helps accelerate network visibility and your capability to solve multidimensional supply network issues before they happen.

Deloitte's SupplyPRISM platform of products and solutions can give you increased clarity and more informed insights for faster, smarter decisions across your supply network.

“Improving our analytical capabilities is critical to better serving our customers. Deloitte came in and quickly helped us gain visibility into the root causes of issues, enabling us to drive service level improvements and recapture millions in potentially lost revenue.”— Customer Service Director, Global CPG

SupplyPRISM harnesses the power of predictive analytics to help proactively manage risk and avert supply network disruptions. And, with the deeper insights gained through integrated analysis capabilities, it's easier to right-size inventories, improve quality, more effectively allocate working capital, and strategically utilize assets to grow your organization’s bottom line.

SupplyPRISM(tm): Success delivered

Whatever business you’re in, new technologies and globalization are disrupting the traditional supply chain and turning it into an interconnected, digitized supply network. How you deal with the disruption will largely determine how successful your business is going forward. The technologies and solutions you choose to help you manage and optimize your supply network will be key to your strategy to thrive amid the chaos.

Supply Chain

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With SupplyPRISM, your supply network goals are within reach. We’re ready to work with you to identify areas of improvement in your current capabilities, supplier base, and inventory mix that can help accelerate and sustain outcomes for your business. Get in touch with one of our practice leaders to find out more.

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