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Automotive company boosts customer acquisition and loyalty with customer experience assessment

This large, automotive company had achieved a strong competency in marketing, selling and servicing its core vehicle models. However, in preparation for the launch of a new sedan model that would largely have a different customer base than core models; they wanted to confirm its dealerships were effectively delivering the desired customer experience.

The Challenge

Deloitte LLP was engaged to help them in their efforts to capture the customer perspective data necessary to confidently communicate improvement needs and recommendations to dealers in time for the launch.

How We Helped

Our client seized the opportunity to conduct a complete customer experience assessment, to validate perceived strengths in core areas and define improvements needed to allow the effective launch of its new model. We helped our client execute the project over four phases:

  • Phase 1: Prepare Baseline Conduct executive interviews to validate hypotheses, confirm project scope and approach, and determine appropriate data-gathering techniques.
  • Phase 2: Data Collection Perform a range of data collection techniques (online surveys, customer intercepts, customer group interviews, luxury brand mystery shopping, etc.) to define the current state of the customer experience.
  • Phase 3: Gap Analysis Compare and analyze current state data to their customer experience vision, identify effective industry practices, and summarize the findings.
  • Phase 4: Develop Recommendations Develop recommendations for how to improve the experience, prioritize those opportunities, and create a high-level pilot implementation road map for how to reach the desired customer experience.


The project resulted in a detailed implementation plan that is designed to reap the following benefits:

  • Increased customer acquisition rates – through segment-specific marketing
  • Improved customer satisfaction and loyalty – by delivering segment-specific customer experiences
  • Higher employee sales effectiveness – by providing the client with a learning platform to help turn employees into true brand ambassadors

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