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Turnkey IoT accelerators

What if the best version of your business was weeks—not months—away?

​The Internet of Things (IoT) is a world of intelligent, connected devices generating data with the potential to transform your business—but how?

Ready to realize the business benefits of IoT?

Use our online calculator to estimate the potential return on investment (ROI) your business can expect to achieve by implementing Deloitte’s turnkey IoT predictive maintenance solution.

Delivering the business value of IoT

IoT is creating data where data has never been before, revealing instant—to-the-second—insights that can take a lot of the guesswork out of business decisions. Unfortunately, with all the hype around IoT, it's easy to lose sight of its true potential: IoT should be about creating real business value and solving concrete business problems, not just connecting things for the sake of connecting things.

To help deliver this business value, Deloitte has developed a turnkey approach that can help organizations accelerate IoT implementation and start improving business outcomes in weeks not months.

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What is turnkey IoT?

Deloitte's turnkey IoT framework and technology bundles were developed to meet market demand for predictive maintenance and asset monitoring, asset performance management, and asset tracking capabilities, to help deliver significant, fast returns on IoT investment.

Drawing on the industry, functional, and digital experience within Deloitte and our alliance network, we provide a single pre-configured package that includes:

  • Eight-to-twelve-week proof-of-concept
  • Quick, easy setup and data analysis
  • Edge data acquisition and analytics
  • Accelerated business results from analyzed data
  • Global distribution, services, and scalability

These turnkey IoT solutions are pretested, fully integrated, and shown in production to lower risk and shorten the path to value from months to weeks.

Our turnkey IoT approach can help clients realize the benefits of IoT faster, achieving relatively quick returns in specific high-impact areas of their business while accelerating digital adoption and modernizing operations in general. Clients can accomplish this by replacing legacy systems entirely or by adding new technology for gathering and analyzing data from existing sensors and controllers.

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With turnkey IoT, we can offer clients the expertise, framework, preconfigured technology bundles, and IP to accelerate IoT implementation and deliver business value in weeks instead of months.

Turnkey IoT helps you capture value quickly

Turnkey IoT features a suite of preconfigured solution accelerators tailored to high-potential industrial use cases that deliver results in weeks, not months.

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Turnkey IoT featuring: Predictive maintenance and asset monitoring

Clients have a faster, easier path to the advantages of predictive maintenance and asset monitoring with turnkey IoT:


Monitoring the health of the manufacturing environment more accurately, consistently, and efficiently


Predicting or discovering potential system failures before they happen


Improving the bottom line by improving equipment performance


Using insights from manufacturing systems to meet time-to-market targets

Current implementations for predictive maintenance and asset monitoring are bringing clients tangible business value, such as:


5–15% increased OEE (availability, performance, quality)


15–30% reduced unplanned downtime


10–20% increased throughput and on-time delivery


20–30% reduced maintenance costs


10–35% improved quality

Our predictive maintenance and asset monitoring accelerator can help improve the bottom line by generating efficiencies and adding value downstream in the supply chain—and it helps organizations scale these benefits across all plants and factories.

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Turnkey IoT featuring: Asset performance management

Asset performance management takes predictive maintenance to the next level, offering similar benefits while also giving clients the tools to strategically balance the cost of a maintenance plan against the potential cost of asset failure through:

  • Asset criticality analysis
  • Failure mode and effects analysis
  • Reliability-centered maintenance analysis
  • Scenario planning of anticipated failure rates and mitigation costs

Potential business benefits from asset performance management include:


10-40% reduced reactive maintenance


5-25% improved employee productivity


2-6% increased asset availability


5-25% reduced IT costs


3-4% reduced environmental health and safety incidents

Turnkey IoT featuring asset performance management optimizes long-term asset operation and maintenance planning to help ensure all maintainable assets consistently carry out their intended functions.

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Turnkey IoT featuring: Asset tracking

Leveraging our turnkey IoT approach, businesses can more quickly realize the benefits of digitizing asset tracking with IoT. Real-time monitoring of asset locations and movements improves efficiency and visibility so organizations can address challenges such as:


Locating inventory during the manufacturing process


Achieving peak assembly line efficiency


Having the right amount of stock on hand


Using working capital as efficiently as possible


Deploying labor more efficiently and effectively

Combining digitized assembly line activities and physical world operations, IoT asset tracking can enhance digital supply networks, unlock value hidden within operational processes, and enable new capabilities that boost revenue, delivering tangible business value:


3–5% reduced finished goods and component inventory


4–7% increased operations labor efficiency


4–7% increased quality labor efficiency

Our asset tracking accelerator helps fast track integration of data from RFID/GPS sensors, ERP, and other business systems to provide analytics and visualization for any product-centric industry.

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How we do it: Think big. Start small. Scale fast.

Our approach alleviates much of the complexity of figuring out all the technology and network partners, enabling clients to proactively mitigate risks and focus on strategic initiatives and business goals.

Jumpstart the process with turnkey IoT:
  • Deloitte client workshops give clients a view on the "art of the possible" and a roadmap for how they can start small.
  • Pre-configured IoT accelerators tailored to a specific business area can dramatically reduce the time and effort required to get digital solutions up and running via IoT, typically delivering value in just 8–12 weeks.
  • Persona-based manufacturing apps applied on the manufacturing floor give clients immediate visibility into data in real time, giving them more time to focus on analytics and moving metrics.
  • We apply an agile process to allow the business/IT to respond quickly to changing needs, reduce time between request and delivery, build only the software needed, avoid quality issues, and meet project commitments by reprioritizing scope.
  • Through our significant change management experience, we know how to embed new thinking into the culture and help companies manage the transition successfully.

As part of Deloitte Digital, we have the unique ability to offer companies end-to-end services for digital business, thanks to the power of our digital consultancy model. Deloitte's global network and backing, along with the knowledge and experience from relevant practice areas—technology, supply chain, strategy and operations—provide the support and tools to authoritatively tackle any business challenge.

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