Space Industry: Government & Commercial Services

Get ahead of the changing space sector

The space industry is changing more rapidly than ever before, across the US government and the private sector. Startup funding is dramatically increasing, mission priorities are evolving, and space is again a topic heard in everyday conversation. Deloitte helps enterprises meet these challenges by leveraging our relationships, industry knowledge, and commercial experience, and through our leading practices in business technology and cyber risk assessment, technology implementation, market analysis, strategy development, business operations, and human capital solutions.

Deloitte in the space industry

Deloitte strives to be the go-to professional services organization for commercial entities and government organizations involved in space. We recognize that to maintain the competitive advantage in space for the United States, cooperation between government and the private sector is critical to enabling a successful hybrid industry model. Efforts must span the realms of launch, rapid acquisition, space operations, resource exploitation, resiliency, and both human and robotic space exploration.

Through our experience advising a range of space-focused organizations across multiple government sectors—including defense, intelligence, and civilian—as well as more than 85% of the Fortune 500—Deloitte brings a deep network of specialists from large enterprises to our space industry clients. We enable our clients to navigate emerging trends within the space domain by implementing cutting edge technologies and capitalizing on developing market forces.

Our Low Earth Orbit (LEO) Economy series, available below, begins to explore the critical market forces that are shaping the next decade of commercial LEO and Human Space Flight (HSF) activity. Our modeling tools can forecast market size estimates to analyze catalysts across supply and demand to observe their impact on market growth and opportunity. Read more about how we used our modeling tools through our Commercialization of LEO series.


Why Deloitte

Deloitte Space is the world’s first professional services practice devoted to supporting the entire space value chain, from both government and private sectors, Fortune 500 companies and aerospace stalwarts, to emerging space companies and startups that we’re supporting today. We have space professionals in Washington, DC, Colorado, California, Texas, and Alabama, as well as a global network in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Japan, Luxembourg, New Zealand, and the United Arab Emirates.

Our 360-degree perspective enables us to provide differentiated knowledge of new space, as well as outside perspectives on the United States Department of Defense, government, open architecture, and enterprise transformation. Our specialists have launched rockets, deployed satellite remote-sensing systems, implemented global telecom solutions, analyzed the commercial space economy, and secured private investment for space technology companies.

We offer a broad array of resources available at any given time, allowing us to leverage experience, eminence, skills, and credentials—and, most importantly, perspectives that few of our competitors can match.

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Brett Loubert

Brett Loubert

Principal | Deloitte Space

Brett is a Principal in Deloitte Consulting LLP's Government & Public Services Industry and currently leads Deloitte's US Space practice. Brett has over 20 years of experience working with leaders in ... More

Sam Kapreilian

Sam Kapreilian

Principal | Deloitte Consulting LLP

Sam is a principal in Deloitte Consulting and serves as Deloitte’s senior relationship leader with NASA. He also has responsibility for Deloitte’s managed services marketplace across government and pu... More

Lee Wilbur

Lee Wilbur

Managing Director | Government & Public Services

Lee is a Managing Director at Deloitte Consulting LLP where he leads the Digital Engineering practice for the Government and Public Services market. In his 40 year career he has led system engineering... More

Keith Pfromer

Keith Pfromer

Managing Director — Consulting

Keith is a managing director in Deloitte Consulting’s GPS Industry responsible for leading transformation engagements at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the US Department ... More

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