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Get ahead of the changing space sector

The space industry is changing more rapidly than ever before. Government and private sector organizations are experiencing large-scale change. Funding is dramatically increasing, businesses are scaling, mission priorities are changing, and space is again a topic heard in everyday conversation. Deloitte has the opportunity to leverage relationships, industry knowledge, commercial expertise, and leading practices through technology, strategy, business operations, and human capital solutions.

Deloitte in the space industry

Looking forward amidst this evolving industry, Deloitte strives to be the go-to professional services firm for commercial entities and government organizations involved in space, and are equipped to drive immediate impact in this area. We recognize that to maintain the United States's competitive advantage in space, cooperation between government and the private sector is critical. Efforts must span the realms of launch, rapid acquisition, space operations, resource exploitation, resiliency, and both human and robotic space exploration.

Deloitte's focus in the space industry helps government agencies and private sector organizations meet the market's rapidly changing demands. We leverage our experience at a range of space-focused organizations across multiple government sectors—including the department of defense, intel, and civil—as well as industry by taking advantage of our experience and knowledge in providing services to more than 85 percent of the Fortune 500 and applying it to space-dominant organizations.

The imperative to get ahead of the changing space industry relies on connectivity, relationships, and expertise.

We offer:

  • Unmatched presence across civil, defense, national security, and commercial aerospace and defense clients
  • Combination of commercial aerospace and defense experience and technology matched with federal leading practices
  • Top-tier advisory, implementation, and operations services across a wide array of offerings—technology, strategy, business operations, and human capital solutions

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Understanding regulation reform in the space industry

In an industry experiencing significant change, each space policy directive represents another step forward for American space leadership. While the policies provide more clarity around expectations for critical roles that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the US Department of Commerce (DOC) will play in the regulatory environment, a long journey still lies ahead.

This journey is one that requires a structured approach using tools such as artificial intelligence and text analytics to better understand the impacts of regulation reform. Understanding a holistic picture of the regulatory environment and considering how frequently regulations are updated, their complexity, and importance are all critical factors that must be considered.

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The decline of commercial space launch costs
As the cost of commercial space exploration continues to decline, smaller launch vehicles will provide access for potential new entrants. Companies and organizations of all sizes are increasingly able to experiment with new ways of manufacturing products and providing enhanced services in space.

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