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Semiconductor Industry Trends and Services

Navigate semiconductor market disruption

Artificial intelligence. Advanced wireless networks. Mergers and acquisition activity. In the semiconductor sector, future opportunities outweigh the recent volatility. Explore our semiconductor industry trends to help your technology company identify new ways to power innovation, sustain growth, and gain a competitive edge.

Semiconductor industry overview

First the good news, silicon device demand continues throughout our world as computing power is increasingly required in all parts of life. Moreover, overall industry volatility has reduced as no one product is the dominant consumer of components at any given time as in decades past. On the downside, the fundamental assumptions of scaling according to Moore’s law are increasingly a factor in device design and manufacturing investment leading to new architectures, structures, materials, and methods. As of late, the industry has also consolidated significantly, following the same path of past maturing industries, and in turn is optimizing for profitability, efficiency, and scale to serve the evolving end market needs.

As the industry matures, an external trusted advisor is often helpful to navigate new challenges, redefine processes and systems, and help manage uncertainty. The Deloitte Semiconductor practice brings the strength of our multi-service, global organization to help with the most critical issues while understanding the complexities, nuances, and uniqueness of the industry and their implications for your organization.

Additionally, our relationships with some of the world’s leading companies make productive, traditional alliances possible, but we go above and beyond to form connections matched to your unique ambitions. This helps you scale exponentially and tap into the value potential of mega technology trends to thrive in a constantly shifting market. Explore more, including our alliance with Intel.

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Current trends and how we can help

Latest perspectives

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