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In the modern consumer industry, doing business is about a lot more than just moving inventory or selling services. It’s about putting purpose first. Explore how Deloitte deploys a broad range of audit and assurance services—made possible by award-winning technology and industry-leading talent—that are designed to help businesses of all sizes and across all consumer sectors grow, drive profitability, and inspire the better tomorrow their customers are eager to buy into.

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    As shifting markets and a growing abundance of choices demand more of customers every day, your company is competing for more than just a sale. You’re navigating an evolving marketplace where it’s not just about offering a superior product—it’s about being at the forefront of trends that shape the industry’s landscape and staying ahead of the curve.

    Deloitte utilizes grounded industry insights and experienced professional perspectives to help you keep pace with the market and exceed what your customers expect of you with core audit and assurance services, technical accounting and reporting advisory services, and sustainability and ESG readiness services.

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    Conscious decision-making and a passion for eco-responsibility drive an agribusiness industry that is evolving quickly. We have dedicated, industry-experienced professionals serving the Agribusiness sector across a broad range of audit and assurance services and technical accounting and reporting advisory services that can be scaled to your business operations.

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    Retail, wholesale, & distribution

    Digital innovation has permanently changed the way people shop. And it’s not enough for consumers that the retail industry simply keep up with demand. Retail, wholesale, and distribution companies are expected to do so efficiently—with innovation, quality, and sustainability front of mind.

    Backed by a range of core audit and assurance services, technical accounting and reporting advisory services, and sustainability and ESG readiness services, Deloitte teams leverage leading technology, data analytics, and outside-in perspectives to provide insights to companies to illuminate the current state of their enterprise as they work to stay ahead of what consumers expect from an evolving industry.

    Retail, wholesale, & distribution resources and insights

    Transportation, hospitality, & services

    For passengers aboard the transportation, hospitality, and services industries’ ascent to record-setting numbers, organizational purpose is as important as the services and amenities that inspire the choices they make. It’s no longer just about products or the destination; it’s about the promises that companies make regarding how they’re serving their guests.

    With our range of audit and assurance services, including accounting and reporting advisory, governance, and internal controls, Deloitte has extensive experience exceeding customer expectations. We advise transportation, hospitality, and gaming companies on ways to navigate digital transformation, interpret regulatory change, and evaluate their business operations and practices.

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    Today, the negotiation for a new vehicle means a lot more than it used to. Customers want more than just a reliable product at a fair price. They are seeking a commitment that your company is leading the charge in industry trends. To them, your company’s role in shaping the future of mobility is just as significant as the reliability of your products.

    Through experience, industry insights, and connection, we’ve developed a strong understanding of the importance of innovation in the automotive industry. And now, we’re applying that knowledge along with our sustainability and ESG readiness, governance, risk and controls, and other core audit and assurance services to help today’s pioneers as they shape the future—with consumer expectations and experiences at the forefront.

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    2. Audit or information is sourced from GCDC research and CIR for FY22. 2022 Fortune Global 500®, as published in Fortune magazine, and the Deloitte ToucheTohmatsu Limited (DTTL) Global Industries analysis.