SEC Reporting Services

Financial reporting and disclosure requirements guidance

From determining the financial statements required for an acquisition to the creation of pro forma financial information, complying with Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) rules and regulations can be difficult. Deloitte’s SEC reporting advisory services can help public entities looking to address or improve their present and private companies preparing for their future.



A fresh look at SEC reporting

Reporting and disclosure in accordance with SEC requirements can be difficult and demanding for many companies. Private companies planning to go public have reams of regulations to get familiar with and analyses to perform. Many public companies can put out periodic filings, but find themselves in uncharted waters when mergers, acquisitions, or other developments change their SEC obligations.

What if, in addition to specific answers to specific SEC reporting questions, your company had a knowledgeable and experienced service provider helping foster understanding and implement new processes?

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How streamlined SEC reporting can help

Deloitte offers a tailored suite of services geared toward public entities who file with the SEC and private ones considering an initial public offering (IPO) or engaging with public counterparts. We combine our size and scope with our knowledge and experience to help you understand and comply with your reporting and disclosure requirements. Technologies including automation and digital controllership can be used to fuel your financial statement transformation. No matter which stage of the corporate life cycle you’re in, Deloitte can assist and advise on a wide range of SEC reporting matters—from filing an initial registration statement, to dealing with ongoing requirements, to planning for potential M&A scenarios.

A forward-looking view

Deloitte’s extensive experience underpins the valuable perspective we bring to SEC reporting. As experienced auditors serving attest and non-attest clients, we understand what both your auditor and the SEC is looking for in your financial reporting. In general, that helps us proactively advise you on the issues affecting your business while saving you headaches down the road. More specifically, you might benefit from:

  • Access to Deloitte national office resources (including former SEC employees)
  • Industry resources and specialization
  • Subject-matter knowledge integrated in project teams (e.g., complex accounting, income taxes, internal controls)
  • Professionals with direct experience who understand your business
  • Ability to quickly deploy local resources
  • Large portfolio of examples
  • Experience assisting at all stages of the corporate life cycle

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The services described herein are illustrative in nature and are intended to demonstrate our experience and capabilities in these areas; however, due to independence restrictions that may apply to audit clients (including affiliates) of Deloitte & Touche LLP, we may be unable to provide certain services based on individual facts and circumstances.

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