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A periodic publication that provides audit committee members with recommendations, overviews of corporate governance resources, regulatory and legislative environment outlooks, and technical updates.

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November 2023

  • Audit committees: So much more than financial statement oversight
  • PCAOB spotlight: 2022 conversations with audit committee chairs
  • The sweeping impacts of California’s climate legislation
  • PCAOB publishes a report on the engagement quality review process
  • Nine steps to help uncover and assess internal fraud risk
  • Accounting and financial reporting in uncertain times
  • CFO SignalsTM 3Q 2023
  • Third-quarter accounting roundup
  • C-suite and board Generative AI pulse survey
November 2023

October 2023

  • FASB directs staff to draft final standard on crypto assets
  • How COSO can help with sustainability reporting
  • The importance of a comprehensive risk assessment by auditors and management
  • First bias audit law starts to set stage for trustworthy AI
  • Comparing IFRS accounting standards and US GAAP: Bridging the differences
  • SEC reporting considerations for business acquisitions
  • ISSB’s first standards set a global baseline for sustainability disclosures
October 2023

September 2023

  • SEC’s cyber disclosure rule: Prepping for what’s new
  • Frequently asked questions about the E.U. Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive
  • On the Radar: Statement of cash flows
  • The future of tech: Artificial intelligence (AI)
  • PCAOB staff update and preview of 2022 inspection observations
  • On the Radar: Earnings per share
September 2023

August 2023

  • SEC issues new requirements for cybersecurity disclosures
  • Evolving technologies: A priority for audit committees
  • Molson Coors: Compelling stories are brewing in internal audit
  • PCAOB issues proposal to bring greater clarity to certain auditor responsibilities when using technology-assisted analysis
  • Quarterly accounting roundup
  • On the Radar: Fair value measurements and disclosures (including the fair value option)
  • PCAOB issues proposal to increase auditor vigilance against fraud and other forms of noncompliance with laws and regulations
August 2023

July 2023

  • Accounting and reporting considerations for environmental credits
  • On the Radar: Derivatives
  • PCAOB publishes a resource for audit committee members
  • Continuing your digital assets journey: A tool for audit committees
  • The Missing Pieces report 7th edition: Board diversity census of women and underrepresented racial and ethnic groups on Fortune 500 boards
  • PCAOB issues proposal to increase auditor vigilance against fraud and other forms of noncompliance
  • The talent frontier and the role of the board: How boards shape the future of their workforce
July 2023

June 2023

  • Proactive risk management in generative AI
  • Crypto accounting hot topics
  • Why choose a CPA for your ESG assurance needs?
  • Using the COSO framework to establish internal controls over sustainability reporting
  • A materiality focus can help clear up climate disclosure uncertainty
  • PCAOB enhances transparency of inspection reports
  • 2023 Director’s handbook on cyber risk oversight 
June 2023

May 2023

  • The audit committee’s role in ethics and compliance oversight
  • FASB proposes guidance on crypto assets
  • CAQ releases analysis of audit quality reports
  • Quarterly accounting roundup
  • PCAOB proposes modernization of standards addressing core auditing principles and responsibilities
  • Is now the time to enhance corporate compliance programs?
May 2023

April 2023

  • The audit committee’s role in promoting quality when lead auditors work with other firms
  • Digital asset resources for audit committees
  • Risk disclosures lengthen as climate issues rise
  • The role of the auditor in climate-related information
  • Audit committees anticipate increased role in ESG, ERM, cyber
  • Cyber attacks targeting finance data expected to rise
April 2023

March 2023

  • Many audit committees contemplate composition change
  • On the board’s agenda | Rethinking how tech trends shape governance and oversight
  • What audit committees really want from CFOs
  • On the Radar: Non-GAAP financial measures and metrics
  • How boards are nurturing and measuring stakeholder trust
  • PCAOB staff spotlights insights on the remediation process
March 2023

February 2023

  • On the audit committee’s agenda | Emerging trends in ESG governance for 2023
  • Board Governance Webinar: Audit Committee Practices Report
  • The 2022 AICPA & CIMA Conference on current SEC and PCAOB developments
  • #DeloitteESGNow – Global Reach of the E.U. Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive and the Impact on U.S. Companies
February 2023

January 2023

  • Deloitte and CAQ launch the 2023 Audit Committee Practices Report: Priorities and Committee Composition
  • On the audit committee’s agenda | 2023: The year of the risk-centric agenda
  • Sustainability action report: Survey findings on ESG disclosure and preparedness
  • Accounting and financial reporting considerations related to the current macroeconomic and geopolitical environment
  • SEC adopts final rule on “clawback” policies
  • The CAQ releases 2022 audit committee transparency barometer
  • Audit Committee: The Kitchen Sink of the Board
  • PCAOB staff spotlights 2021 inspection observations
  • SEC adopts amendments to modernize rule around insider trading plans and related disclosures
January 2023

November 2022

  • SEC acting chief accountant emphasizes auditors’ responsibility regarding fraud risk
  • Cybersecurity in an era of escalating risk and regulatory focus
  • Board Practices Quarterly: Back to basics–Board education and evaluations
  • How audit committees can support a drive to integrated ERM
  • Board committees evolve with shifting agendas
  • On the board’s agenda | US: Supply chain strategies–For many companies, the traditional balance is shifting
  • Environmental credits: Accounting and reporting considerations





November 2022

October 2022

  • On the audit committee’s agenda |An integrated approach to enterprise risk management
  • Audit committee practices survey
  • SEC staff statement on auditor independence and audit firm restructuring
  • On the board’s agenda| US: In M&A, how can boards help companies avoid the synergy trap?
  • Deloitte issues third-quarter accounting roundup
  • SEC final rule on pay versus performance
  • Reset M&A strategy
  • CFO of the future


October 2022

September 2022

  • Deloitte launches new Audit Committee Guide
  • Audit committee practices survey
  • PCAOB publishes a resource for audit committee members
  • SEC adopts disclosure rules on pay versus performance
  • PCAOB signs a statement of protocol with China over inspections
  • PCAOB publishes observations from target team 2021 inspections
  • Board’s role in cybersecurity amid escalating risk, regulatory focus
  • 7 steps, 7 questions to prepare for climate disclosure

August 2022

  • SEC adopts amendments governing proxy advice
  • SEC proposes amendments on shareholder proposals in proxies
  • CAQ audit partner survey signals observations on economy, climate
  • 5 steps to help transition to accountable sustainability
  • Controllers can help with climate disclosure reporting
  • How financial discipline could help raise performance
  • CFOs can help reshape supply chains

July 2022

  • On the audit committee’s agenda | Emerging fraud risks to consider: ESG
  • ESG disclosures become more standardized globally
  • On the board’s agenda | US: A new chapter in cyber
  • PCAOB staff spotlights 2022 inspection plans
  • The SEC and auditor independence
  • PCAOB issues a standard on the auditor’s use of other auditors
  • New accounting rules top quarterly roundup
  • Accounting for nonfungible tokens
  • Internal auditors can help foster a diverse culture
  • Survey seeks leaders’ perspectives on workforce risk

June 2022

  • On the board’s agenda | US: Amid geopolitical complexity, uncertainty persists
  • Shaping the board’s strategic direction on climate
  • How prepared are companies for enhanced climate disclosures?
  • Goldman Sachs and internal audit innovation
  • Helping executives prepare for inflation
  • SEC’s sample letter on disclosures regarding Russia, Ukraine, supply chain
  • SEC extends the comment period for climate-related disclosure proposal
  • PCAOB agenda updates signal expected actions in 2022

May 2022

  • Comprehensive analysis of the SEC’s proposed rule on climate disclosure
  • CFO SignalsTM: 1Q 2022
  • On the board’s agenda | US: From next-generation to now—Digital assets
  • Preparing for the SEC’s climate disclosure proposal
  • SEC proposes cybersecurity disclosure rules
  • Board practices reflect the pandemic’s long-term effects
  • SEC guidance addresses obligations to safeguard crypto-assets
  • PCAOB seeks feedback on new auditing standard
  • PCAOB spotlights auditing considerations related to Ukraine
  • Accounting and reporting considerations for SPAC transactions

April 2022

  • SEC Proposes New Requirements for Cybersecurity Disclosures
  • SEC proposes rule on climate disclosure requirements
  • PCAOB conversations with audit committee chairs
  • Assessing Accounting Impacts from the Russia-Ukraine War
  • ESG executive survey: Preparing for high-quality disclosures
  • Board Practices Quarterly | Back to basics: Board meetings
  • On the board’s agenda | US: What’s all the buzz about the metaverse?

March 2022

  • Finding Commonalities Across Audit Committee Practices
  • 2022 Audit Committee Agenda
  • Build a Platform for Managing, Reporting on ESG
  • Overcoming the hurdles to board leadership on climate change
  • Change Coming to Board’s ESG Governance
  • Are CFOs too worried about inflation or not worried enough?
  • Global survey: The Board Frontier series
  • SEC proposes changes to whistleblower program rules
  • SEC proposes amendments to modernize reporting of beneficial ownership

February 2022

  • On the audit committee’s agenda | What’s on the horizon for 2022
  • Deloitte and CAQ Audit Committee Practices Report shares audit committee priorities and practices
  • On the Radar
  • BlackRock’s CEO releases annual letter
  • The 2021 AICPA and CIMA conference on current SEC and PCAOB developments
  • CFO Signals™: 4Q 2021
  • Trends that influence the future of internal controls
  • Internal auditors’ role in ESG
  • Financial reporting considerations for ESG and climate reporting
  • The SEC’s acting chief accountant addresses financial reporting in a complex environment
  • SEC vigilant on non-GAAP measures and metrics
  • Financial reporting related to the supply chain, inflation, and labor disruptions
  • Quarterly Accounting Roundup: Year in Review—2021
  • Global survey: The Audit Committee Frontier series

January 2022

  • Audit committees challenged by increased complexity, “scope creep”: Inaugural Deloitte and CAQ Audit Committee Practices Survey
  • On the audit committee’s agenda | Navigating the ESG journey in 2022 and beyond


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