Integrated Mobility Platform: Rebooting our cities

More livable cities through smarter mobility solutions

Smart mobility solutions can restore quality of life to our cities by addressing today’s urban transportation challenges. With data and behavioral analytics, people and goods can move more efficiently—and safely—without the need for new infrastructure. The integrated mobility platform is the key to future transportation systems.

Conquering gridlock

Cities remain our future. In 2050, two-thirds of all humans will live in one–up from one third in 19501—with the world's biggest cities home to more than 10 million each2. But along with the creative energy that urbanites bring to these burgeoning hubs comes more daunting traffic.

Already, drivers in the most congested cities spend 50 to 100 hours a year in traffic3, nearly three-quarters of the metropolitan workforce must travel 90 minutes or more from their workplace4.

Something has to give if cities are to remain the thriving incubators of the hopes and dreams of millions.

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Setting cities in motion

Building more roads often is not the answer to our transportation challenges, especially when new thoroughfares fill up as soon as the pavement dries. Rather, a smarter mobility solution to increase the throughput of people and goods over given transportation resources is the key. 

How to get started? By an integrated mobility platform that matches all available modes of transportation in the area—from ride-hailing to public transit—to the need for rides, deploying the best routes for traffic conditions, all in real time. 

The expected result: A smart mobility solution that's cleaner, safer, cheaper, and faster mobility.

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Benefits of a integrated mobility platform

The integrated mobility platform can relieve congestion by optimizing the balance between supply and demand. And through incentive pricing based on current traffic, it can encourage travel at off-peak times.

How our clients are moving smarter

Explore our integrated mobility platform projects

At each stage, for each stakeholder, Deloitte's Future of Mobility practice can deliver:

Ecosystem design & implementation

Laying a foundation of alliances

No one entity can bring the integrated mobility platform to life. Deloitte helps clients convene multiple stakeholders to implement smart mobility solution projects ranging from pilots to full-scale platforms. By bringing together public and private transit operators, payment providers, technology innovators, government, and others, organizations learn to overcome hurdles to working together and to advance a solution beneficial to all participants and the community.

Business transformation

Repositioning for new opportunity

To take advantage of a whole new way to manage mobility, government and private-enterprise clients across sectors can work with us to examine how the digital mobility platform may impact their operations and business models. Together, we identify growth opportunities and implement a strategy to realize them. Sectors include government, public and private transit, payment providers, and real estate and infrastructure.

Analytics & digital solutions

Creating more efficient mobility

Building a complex smart mobility solution system involves many moving parts. We can design, build, and run integrated mobility platform solutions with the analytics to create more efficient, seamless mobility for your community, featuring a user-friendly interface offering multiple mobility options. We can help develop every facet, including predictive and behavioral analysis, dynamic pricing, payment solutions, and cybersecurity protections.

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