Re-platforming e-commerce in the age of the cross-channel consumer

Understanding how the new guidance may affect your company

As cross-channel shopping behavior becomes more prevalent in the retail & distribution industry, savvy companies are paying greater attention to the strategic importance of their online business capabilities. To successfully adapt to these behavioral changes, it will be critical for retailers to think differently than they had in the past about their e-commerce re-platforming efforts.

In our latest report, "Re-platforming e-Commerce in the Age of the Cross-Channel Consumer," we share insights from our interviews with retail executives on how re-platforming e-commerce needs to be executed to address multi-channel complexity. Where many first- or second-generation e-commerce implementations were focused on getting the technology infrastructure in place to sell online, today’s objectives, approach and outcomes are different. In essence, the effort must be treated as transformational rather than as a technology implementation. In order to address the increasing prevalence of cross-channel consumers, retailers need to focus on the development of a new set of enterprise-wide capabilities tied to a new multi-channel, highly integrated operational model.

Going beyond technology implementation to transformation
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