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Cognitive Advantage

Driving real business outcomes with cognitive technology solutions

We’ve anticipated it for years, and now it’s becoming reality: Emerging technologies are finally able to emulate and augment the power of the human brain. That has big implications for the business world, which is still coming to terms with the opportunities presented by the enormous amount of data pulsing through markets, individual businesses, and more. Conventional technology is not up to the task of extracting the full value of this mountain of data. But the promise of cognitive technology solutions is clear.

Why now?

The dawn of the cognitive era creates newer, and in many cases bigger, opportunities for businesses to generate value from their data, in tandem with analytics advances. Imagine helping your workers take an “amplified intelligence” approach that combines their own insights with machine-generated insights to focus on what matters most: Improving core operations, building new assets, and enabling better outcomes for your organization and its customers. That’s the cognitive advantage. And with big advances in cognitive capabilities, it’s finally within reach.

2017 cognitive technologies survey
Early adopters speak out on cognitive and AI

What do the most aggressive adopters of AI and cognitive technologies report based on their efforts to date? On everything from the impact on jobs to their specific goals and exactly which technologies they're using and much more, 250 leaders shared their views on this important business development just as it takes hold in the broader business world.

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Artificial intelligence (AI) for the real world
A new report in Harvard Business Review

From answering everyday customer queries to finding medical cures and breakthrough treatments, cognitive technologies are helping to solve today's toughest business problems. Where—and how—are companies having the most success?

Read the new report in Harvard Business Review


How we can help

Our Cognitive Advantage offerings are designed to help organizations transform decision-making, work, and interactions through the use of insights, automation, and engagement capabilities. Our offerings are tailored to be industry-specific and powered by our cognitive platform.

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Get a deeper look at how cognitive technology solutions can augment and amplify human capabilities to solve complex business problems.

Robotics & Cognitive Automation

Enable machines to augment human actions and judgement with robotics and cognitive technologies.

What the advantage looks like: Perform tasks

Transformative change: Automate repeatable tasks to improve efficiency

Flexibility: Unchain profits from scale constraints to increase enterprise flexibility

New competencies: Engage existing talent to focus on higher-value tasks

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Cognitive Insights

Identify opportunities for growth, diversification, and efficiencies by creating large-scale organizational intelligence with pattern detection and the ability to analyze multiple data sources.

What the advantage looks like: Make decisions

New growth: Uncover hidden patterns to identify new opportunities for innovation

Evidence-based decision: Apply a science-based decision-making process informed by deeper insights

Timely action: Push real-time, contextual insights to decision makers at relevant moments

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Cognitive Engagement

Use intelligent agents and avatars to deliver mass consumer personalization at scale and smarter, more relevant insights to amplify end-user experience.

What the advantage looks like: Take action

Optimized consumer behavior: Drive consumer behavior by delivering hyper-personalization at scale

Next-gen customer experience: Deploy personalized digital assistants to interact with customers

Ubiquitous engagement: Generate personalized and contextual recommendations to consumers

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Big ideas

Read some of most recent thought leadership to learn more about how cognitive technology solutions and analytics are transforming business.

Robotics & Cognitive Automation

Cognitive Insights

Cognitive Engagement

Read the latest in analytics and cognitive from Wall Street Journals’ CIO JournalCFO Journal, and CMO Journal.

A guide to robotic process automation

Dip your toe or dive in? Look before you leap
Business leaders implementing robotic process automation should follow a five-step process to develop an automation strategy that looks beyond the initial deployment and defines how automation will grow within the organization.
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Vitamin D: Deloitte’s Analytics Blog

Explore topics and trends in analytics, cognitive, data science, and more. Featuring informed perspectives from Deloitte leaders and other luminaries, Vitamin D delivers bold, real-world strategies and inspiring success stories to help organizations gain the insight-driven advantage and achieve better outcomes.

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Rajeev Ronanki

Rajeev Ronanki

Principal | Deloitte Consulting LLP

Rajeev has more than 20 years of healthcare and information technology experience. He leads Deloitte Consulting LLP’s cognitive computing and healthcare innovation practices, focused on implementing c... More

Nitin Mittal

Nitin Mittal

Principal | US AIM Practice Leader

Nitin is Deloitte Consulting LLP’s practice leader for Analytics & Information Management. He has advised clients on their analytics journey and how they could become insight-driven organizations. His... More

Ryan Renner

Ryan Renner

Principal | Deloitte Consulting LLP

Ryan leads our cognitive efforts across consulting, infusing design thinking, advanced visualization, big data, advanced statistical, and cognitive techniques to help solve complex business issues. He... More

Prince Nasr Harfouche

Prince Nasr Harfouche

Principal | Deloitte Consulting LLP

Prince Nasr Harfouche is a principal in Deloitte's Actuarial, Rewards & Analytics Services practice and has spent more than 14 years working with the world's most respected banks, broker dealers, insu... More