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Today’s controllers may be stretched between managing complex business financial operations while also leading digital transformation efforts to position your team for the future. Let us help fill the gaps. We provide the resources you need to manage accounting and financial reporting activities, keep up with emerging regulatory guidance, and develop solutions to finance data complexities to achieve your finance transformation and digital controllership objectives. We bring the vision, deep domain expertise and technology savvy needed to drive positive change and the business outcomes that matter most for finance organizations.

Controllership in the green

Controllership can be viewed as a growth engine for a company as it enables profitable, controlled expansion with an ever-evolving workforce. Controllerships that are truly "in the green" are addressing today's challenges head-on. They realize that:

  • Data is the nutrition needed to feed the organization as financial information becomes centralized and harmonized
  • Automated routine processes free up human capacity to focus on more value-added work
  • Deploying talent to focus on analytics can unlock business value

Center for ControllershipTM

Deloitte's Center for Controllership program provides resources and solutions to help you stay on top of your organization's accounting and financial reporting activities; keep up with emerging regulatory guidance, industry, and business developments; and counsel the chief financial officer and finance organization.

Accounting and Reporting

Our advisory services for accounting and reporting can help you face the challenges of evolving accounting standards and business models, disruptive technology transformation, and global economic trends. Explore how our knowledge, experience, and tools can turn your accounting and reporting from burden to benefit.

Controllership Insights Digest

Subscribe to Deloitte's Center for ControllershipTM Digest for perspectives and insights on a broad range of topics of interest to financial executives.

Controllership Perspectives webcasts

Register for Deloitte's Center for ControllershipTM Dbriefs live webcasts that give you valuable insights on important developments that may affect your business. Dbriefs feature practical knowledge from Deloitte specialists on tomorrow's complex issues and new strategies.

Lease Accounting

Accounting Standards Codification (ASC) Topic 842, Leases, changes the rules that govern accounting for substantially all leases, including equipment and real estate leases. This standard has far-reaching implications in areas such as accounting, finance and reporting, real estate, tax, and technology, among others.

Digital Controllership

The digital controllership function harnesses technological capabilities in the market. This helps enable controllership to continuously improve its traditional focus on proficient accounting and reporting operations and effective regulatory compliance. It also allows controllership to provide insightful and strategic support from finance to the business.

Revenue Recognition

Learn about some of the key considerations and challenges companies face while implementing the new revenue standard.

IPO Advisory

Our IPO Advisory Services team provides the end-to-end turnkey solutions and strategies your organization needs through the IPO process.

How mergers and acquisitions drive controllership transformation

In the face of disruption, technology innovation, and accelerating industry convergence, M&A transactions represent opportunities to evaluate finance initiatives and capture value beyond the transaction. With the right level of forethought and planning before and during the transaction, you can be prepared to use your company’s next M&A transaction as a catalyst to transform your controllership function.

Finance for a Sustainable Future: A New Dynamic Opportunity

Sustainability, climate, and equity: many organizations are considering what these concepts for a better future mean for their businesses now. The steps leaders take in the near term can have an impact for years to come, but it’s hard to know where to start. But good things can happen when an organization tackles all three at once: for our planet and people, and for an organization’s future sustainability and prosperity.

Controllership’s Sustainability Services

Learn about Controllership’s Sustainability, Climate & Equity Transformation (SC&E) Services: Companies are on a journey to transform the way they capture, manage, and report Environmental, Social & Governance data. Learn how our services can help.

Learn what US-based controllers need to know about the recent EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD)

US companies that are in scope of the CSRD will be required to report all material information that relates to environmental, social and governance (ESG) impacts, risks and opportunities. The scope and breadth of reporting requirements under the CSRD can feel overwhelming to an organization regardless of ESG reporting maturity. The key to successful readiness activities is an intentional and informed approach. Discover which actions controllers can take to meet reporting requirements.

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