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Today’s business challenges present a new wave of HR, talent, and organization priorities. Deloitte’s Human Capital services leverage research, analytics, and industry insights to help design and execute critical programs from business driven HR to innovative talent, leadership, and change programs.

Activate workforce ecosystems

Organizations need to expand their definition of the workforce to include all workers who contribute value to an organization in a workforce ecosystem. By orchestrating their leadership, governance, technology and overall management and workforce practices well beyond their company’s own full-time employees, organizations can unlock trapped value and achieve some of their most pressing objectives.

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New fundamentals for a boundaryless world

Deloitte’s 2023 Global Human Capital Trends

The boundaries that were once assumed to be the natural order of things are falling away as disruption and discontinuity challenge traditional models and assumptions about work. Organizations and workers must traverse this new landscape together, calling on a new set of fundamentals to navigate the boundaryless world.

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Managing workforce risk

Organizations continue to face an increasing number of workforce-related risks with the potential to disrupt their financial and operational performance, reputation and brand, and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Technology Skills Insights report: Full stack developer

The Technology Skills Insights (TSI) offers our perspective on the high-demand technology workforce skills and the emerging trends that are transforming the industry. Each quarter we’ll deliver valuable information that everyone—from executives to recent graduates—can find useful to shape talent strategies and career journeys in this ever-evolving segment.

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Tech Trends 2022: A human capital perspective

Exploring the mutual acceleration of work and technology

Because the work humans do and the capabilities that technologies provide are so closely related, they share a trajectory—each shaping the other and propelling each other into the future. Dive into our human capital perspective on Deloitte’s Tech Trends 2022 report to discover how technology is enabling the shift from traditional talent models to workforce ecosystems.

Work toward net zero

As the world transitions to net zero, a new category of worker is evolving-the Green Collar workforce.

Today, more than 800 million jobs worldwide are highly vulnerable to climate extremes and the economic transition to net zero.

But with coordinated and rapid decarbonization and the right policies in place, more than 300 million additional Green Collar jobs can be created by 2050.

With so much to lose, and even more to gain. How do we make the workforce transition, work for all?

Fueling the AI transformation

Four key actions powering widespread value from AI, right now

If you’re like most of the 2,620 global business leaders we surveyed, you know AI is vital. In fact, most say it’s essential to driving outcomes, from cost reduction to entering new markets. But understanding AI’s value and achieving it are two different things. Our report takes a cross-industry look at AI deployments and outcomes achieved to reveal key actions every organization should be taking to gain widespread value from AI.

AI for work relationships may be a great untapped opportunity

AI can do more than make work better for humans—It can help make better humans for work.

You’re frustrated. Two functional leaders are pulling you into a nasty turf war when you need them to collaborate. You’re writing a frustrated reply, when a friend stops you. They recommend more appropriate wording, and that you ask the functional leaders to schedule a meeting to discuss conflicting priorities and come up with a solution. You take the recommendation and cool off. You would like to reach out and thank your friend and confidante, but you can’t because they’re an AI. With the help of current artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, this—and many other social capabilities—may already be possible with the tools that many organizations have access to.

The Elevated Talent and Culture Agenda in the Boardroom

With the future of the workforce in the spotlight, CHROs are stepping into an expanded role. Read more about how the role of today’s CHRO is becoming more strategic, influential, and demanding.

Build trust in diversity, equity, and inclusion commitments

Sincere commitment and collaborative action advance successful DEI efforts in the workplace—and strengthen the bond with your workforce

Since the spring of 2020, many organizations have made public commitments to address societal disparity and injustice, and established or expanded diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives for their current and future workforce. After more than a year of accelerated efforts, the questions arise: Do workers trust their organizations’ commitment and efforts thus far? And how might this change going forward?

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The digital workplace reimagined

Elevating the human experience to unlock productivity+

There’s more to the digital workplace than simply providing workers with online access to office applications. By redesigning the virtual and hybrid workplace with humans at the center, organizations can improve the worker experience and deliver productivity+. Read the Deloitte report featuring Gartner® research, to learn more.


Capital H Blog Series: Covid-19

Support your workforce during these unprecedented times. Explore our resources on the Capital H blog.

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Deloitte’s HR Transformation services drive business value through strategy, the cloud, employee engagement tools, advanced workforce planning & analytics.

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Human Capital as a Service

Human Capital as a Service enables HR leaders to not only drive organizational performance, but sustain it, through our in-depth insights, access to leading experts and subscription based software.

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Our Organization Transformation services help you bring these key success factors together under a unified strategy, harnessing change and data across the enterprise to proactively manage risk, support growth, and improve operational efficiency.

Human Capital thought leadership from Deloitte Insights

Sweeping global forces are reshaping the workplace, the workforce, and work itself. Organizations are now rethinking their talent strategies at all stages of the employee lifecycle, vying for top talent in a highly transparent job market, and becoming laser-focused on their external employment brand.

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Reduce uncertainty and improve decision quality with Insights2Action™— a new free platform from Deloitte.

To harness the full force of what their people can do, organizations must continuously sense, analyze, and act on challenges at the shifting intersection of work, the workforce, and the workplace. Insights2Action™ can equip you to guide your people and organization forward.

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The future of enterprise demands a new future of HR

Disruptive forces are sharply changing how we live and work, creating an imperative for enterprises to rapidly adapt. But there are several areas where the pace of change has yet to catch up with the new realities of business.

Learn more about "The Future of HR" and "Future of Work"

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