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Ask Deloitte About: Current issues in higher education

As series of articles focusing on various higher education topics

The truest measure of Deloitte is the impact we make on the world. We honor that distinction and are particularly proud of the impact we make in higher education.

Return to Campus: Perspectives from Higher Education Leaders

Deloitte hosted virtual forums for higher education leaders from across the country to share their experiences about navigating the Future Of Work challenges presented by the pandemic. By looking at both quantitative and qualitative measures of employee sentiment, student experience, and campus needs, it is clear that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to returning to campus.

Read "Ask Deloitte About": What we heard from higher education leaders about what the return to campus means for their institution.

Why "Ask Deloitte About" current issues in higher education?

The largest professional services network in the world, Deloitte provides industry-leading services to the world’s most distinguished organizations. Our clients count on us to help them transform uncertainty into possibility and rapid change into lasting progress. Our people anticipate, collaborate, innovate, and create opportunity, even from unforeseen obstacles. We see the impact of disruption on colleges and universities and understand the need to apply a 360-degree lens to higher education industry analysis that serves the academic enterprise, from diversity and inclusion to the new digital reality.

That’s why we are exploring current issues in higher education with the "Ask Deloitte About" series.

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"Ask Deloitte About": Closing the attainment gap in higher education

From its founding as a women’s college in 1891, University of North Carolina Greensboro (UNCG) has a long history of encouraging nontraditional students to pursue higher education. Deloitte takes a look at how the university is achieving success in improving graduation rates for black and Hispanic students.

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"Ask Deloitte About": RePurpose and social intrapreneurship

The 2018 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends report showcases a profound shift facing business leaders worldwide: Rising expectations for organizations to solve social and environmental issues. This shift reflects the growing importance of social capital in shaping an organization’s purpose, guiding relationships with stakeholders, and influencing ultimate success or failure.

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Seven principles for effective change management

Effective transformation requires an enterprise-wide approach to improve and enhance organizational models, operating processes, technology, leadership, and talent models. Yet in many cases, the organization’s resources are focused solely on the project itself and not on stakeholder commitment.

To improve the odds of implementing an effective change management initiative in your higher education institution, take these seven principles to heart.

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