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The consumer products industry today faces virtually unprecedented challenges and opportunities. Eroding brand loyalty, increased merger and acquisition activity, enduring recessionary consumer attitudes and the rising influence of digital technologies on shopping behavior all threaten traditional business models–but also give rise to new and exciting ones. In the face of changing consumer needs and behaviors, Deloitte’s Consumer Products team is working with clients to strengthen analytics, improve internal operations and develop new market-facing capabilities and channels. With experience across a wide range of sectors–including food and beverage, personal and household goods, agribusiness, apparel and footwear, and household durables–we position our clients to lead in the face of change.

2015 Consumer Products Industry Outlook

Writing the annual outlook requires pausing and reflecting on not only recent industry trends, but also the interrelationship of trends over decades. More than anytime over the past two decades, the path forward feels challenging and fraught with peril. Strategic issues facing consumer product (CP) companies today require new approaches in this dynamic marketplace. Pat Conroy, vice chairman and US Consumer Products leader, Deloitte LLP, shares his perspective on the year ahead, as well as some tips that can help your company manage and innovate through the current climate of uncertainty.

American Pantry Study: Same game, different approaches

After four years of managing this study, we are seeing the long term impacts of the recession and how it is driving consumer behavior and brand choices. Brand loyalty is low; consumers remain focused on saving money in the aisles, and they are becoming more resourceful as to how and where they play the shopping game. This report takes an in depth look at how to win in this fundamentally changed marketplace and offers a growth playbook for success for packaged goods companies.

Backyards without fences: Carving out territory in the changing consumer products terrain

Today, many brands struggle to maintain relevance and a price premium. Shifts in channels and a more heterogeneous consumer base are weakening the traditional fences they once maintained around sizeable consumer populations. Building new, more effective fences amid the complexity will require a different approach.

3D opportunity serves it up: Additive manufacturing and food

Additively manufactured food may be more of a novelty than an industry game-changer—for now. Yet advances in technology and innovations in its application could mean that science fiction may become fact sooner than expected.

The thinker and the shopper: Four ways cognitive technologies can add value to consumer products

The time could be ripe for consumers and consumer products companies to embrace cognitive technologies, which can offer companies ways to deliver benefits to consumers to a greater degree than previously possible.

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Tech Trends 2017: A Consumer products perspective

Deloitte's Tech Trends for Consumer Products, an annual in-depth exploration of six trends that are likely to challenge consumer products companies in the next 18-24 months.

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