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The importance of customer success in accelerating growth

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What is customer success? For many technology, media, and telecom companies, the function has evolved from a one-off service to a long-term strategy for customer acquisition, engagement, and retention.

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Customer success advances from service to strength

Over the past decade, the customer success (CS) function has shifted from being an effort to simply retain customers in the short-term to creating experiences that establish long-term value. In this episode, host Hanish Patel talks with Deepak Sharma, managing director in Deloitte’s Customer Success practice, and Chris Jones, senior vice president of Customer Success at SAP, about the evolution of the CS function and the market factors driving the shift.

Many organizations are now realizing the benefit of their customer success initiatives and developing a “customer-centric” business strategy. Jones relates how changing the mindset and culture at SAP offers more opportunities to create a positive customer experience and deliver stronger client outcomes. Sharma and Jones also explore the challenges of delivering tangible benefits and providing a measure of value across the customer journey.

A lot of our customers deliver best-of-breed products or services in their respective marketplaces. But it's not just about the best goods and services, but delivering the best experience.

—Chris Jones, senior vice president,
Customer Success, SAP

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