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China invests in tech: Implications and opportunities

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Many countries are investing heavily in technology to compete with the US and other global players, and China tops the list. In this podcast, we discuss where—and why—China is making investments and the implications for relations between the US and China. We’ll also examine the impact on multinational companies in the technology, media, and telecommunications industry.

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Increasing investment drives innovation in China

In China, consumers on mobile phones are seen everywhere, paying bills, watching videos, chatting with friends, playing games, enjoying the connected lifestyle. This rapid adoption of technology has led to increasing development of new consumer technology products. What impact will that investment have on the global marketplace, trade negotiations, supply chain efficiencies, and continuing innovation?

In this episode, host Hanish Patel talks with Ken DeWoskin, founder of Deloitte’s China Research and Insight Centre. They explore everyday use of technology in China, as well as the areas where significant research and development effort is being made, including analytics, artificial intelligence, internet of things, and superconnectivity. These investments will be the focus of trade negotiations between the US and China for years to come.

By and large, I'm not quite a rose-colored glasses type person, but I'm actually quite optimistic that the positive relationship that we've talked about over the last 20 years will actually reform itself in a potentially even more positive way in the future. And I think the US and China working together is a very positive combination.

—Ken DeWoskin, senior advisor and Eminence fellow, Deloitte Consulting LLP

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