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Deciphering digital consumption trends

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Digital has transformed the way consumers approach entertainment and media consumption. The days of appointment TV, setting DVRs, and losing the remote are fading into the distance. Now consumers can stream shows when they want, where they want them. This shift has created a new marketplace for content services and is changing the way advertisers market to consumers. How can businesses in the technology, media, and telecommunication industry capitalize on these trends.

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Millennials and GenZ's

In this episode, Kevin Westcott and Scott Lippstreu will discuss how traditional television is losing ground to streaming, how binge-watching impacts content distribution, what changes advertisers are taking to reach consumers, and how social media's stronghold on consumers may provide new opportunities for advertising.

—almost 40 percent of them binge every week. We define binge watching as a minimum of three episodes in a sitting, but that generation reports that they watch an average of six episodes in a sitting. Now we’re starting to create content that has a serialized plotline spanning multiple episodes. Now content creators are being set free to do their storytelling without some of the typical restraints of broadcast and cable television schedules.

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View Deloitte’s 2017 survey on media consumption trends.


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