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Adopt or not? Flexible consumption models  

Part of the User Friendly podcast series

Is pay as you go the way to go? One of the most profound business model developments in the technology, media, and telecommunications industry is the shift away from outright purchase or licensing to an "as-a-service" model. Learn more about flexible consumption in our latest podcast.

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Is an as-a-service model right for you?

In this episode, Mark Litwin and Faruk Muratovic explain how to determine if a flexible consumption model is a fit for your organization. They will also cover key considerations listeners should think about when it comes to adopting and implementing "as-a-service" models.

Just as the concept of agile has really taken hold in the technology development world, that same concept applies here where it's incumbent upon organizations to be able to launch new products, new iterations of products, very quickly and at a much lower cost and in a much more flexible manner.

Want more? Check out our "Flexible consumption transformation framework."

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