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2020 connectivity and mobile trends

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Are consumers ready to embrace the faster, more reliable internet service that 5G wireless networks will deliver? How will next-generation connectivity, powered by 5G, impact the consumer ecosystem? Find out as our new podcast explores the findings from our Connectivity and Mobile Trends survey.

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Consumers crave connectivity, at home and on the go

New 5G wireless promises higher speeds, more reliability, and enhanced offerings. And according to our Connectivity and Mobile Trends Survey, consumers are eagerly anticipating its widespread availability: 67 percent of consumers said that when 5G is available, they would be more likely to upgrade to a 5G compatible phone.

In this episode, Hanish Patel welcomes Dan Littmann and Nicole Gallagher, principals in Deloitte’s Consulting practice, to discuss the results of the survey and its implications for mobile carriers, device manufacturers, and more. Dan and Nicole explore the steps carriers will need to take to meet the increasing demands of the connected consumer, as well as 5G’s potential impact on gaming, entertainment, smart home, and other offerings.

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