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Global Mobile Consumer Behavior: Smartphones, one device to rule them all?

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Consumer smartphone habits and telecom trends are in high demand as the world becomes more connected. With 5G on the horizon, and many Internet of Things (IoT) applications in development, the mobile world isn't just a hot topic, it's everyone's topic. Now in its seventh year, our Global mobile consumer survey explores consumer attitudes toward mobile technology. Listen to the podcast for insights into what is driving mobile use worldwide.

2018 trends

In this episode, Craig WiggintonDan Littmann, and Orlando Setola discuss the highlights from this year's report and what new trends and changes in consumer mobile use mean for your business.

People don't necessarily think of it as IoT any more than just another device or an essential part of their life. When people put on a smartwatch they don't think of it as a wearable. They think of it is another device that makes their life easier or better.

Listen to the full podcast to learn more about global mobile trends and customer behaviors.

Global mobile consumer behavior

Survey: Mobile usage habits

Our survey shows that usage habits are maturing and becoming better defined leading to a naturally developed device etiquette. Users look at their phones 47 times per day and that hasn’t changed much over the last three years. Want to know how many consumers looked at their phones within an hour of waking up? Review all the details here.

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