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Our great country is far stronger than the abhorrent actions of those who engaged in storming the US Capitol


In response to the storming of the US Capitol, Deloitte affirmed a sacred tenet of our Democracy—respect for the results of our free and fair elections in the following message to our people:

January 6, 2021


We wanted to share some brief thoughts on the situation at the US Capitol. One of the most sacred tenets of our Democracy is that we respect the results of our free and fair elections, and consistently execute the transfer of power peacefully. The events we all witnessed this afternoon, with the storming of the US Capitol, represent a sad and embarrassing moment. But our great country is far stronger than the abhorrent actions of those who engaged in this conduct.

Consistent with the sentiments we shared with you in the immediate aftermath of the November election, we have full faith and confidence in our democratic system. Over the past few months, state, federal and constitutional laws worked as designed to consider any questions or concerns about the election outcome and resolve them definitively. We are actively working with members of the Biden/Harris transition team, consistent with our long history of doing important work that benefits our clients and our country regardless of politics or which party controls each branch of government.

As you may have seen in the press, we have been actively engaged with other leaders in the business community to speak out visibly in a manner that is consistent with our values. You can access the statements we were a part of, issued by the Partnership for New York City and the Business Roundtable. We will continue to visibly stand for Deloitte’s inclusive values, and do all that we can to help bring people together and strengthen our nation. 

We are actively monitoring local areas to ensure the safety of all of you. Please know that your well-being is always our most important priority, resources are available for anyone who needs support. If anyone feels unable to work effectively, please take the time you need to focus on yourself and your family. Thank you for all you are doing during these challenging times to take great care of each other, our clients, and our communities.

Joe Ucuzoglu 
Chief Executive Officer
Deloitte US
  Janet Foutty
Chair of the Board
Deloitte US

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