Insights and services for biopharma companies

​The BioPharmaceutical marketplace is rapidly shifting and evolving. BioPharmaceutical organizations need to be nimble yet continue to grow revenue and market share even as industry dynamics propel increased focus on regulatory compliance, lower costs, innovation, and network flexibility.

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Deloitte helps our BioPharma clients to pursue growth opportunities and manage scientific, business, and regulatory challenges in an ever-changing marketplace. We serve nearly 90 percent of the 15 largest pharmaceutical companies,* using a time-tested combination of industry experience and broad service offerings to address:

  • External growth: Our offerings employ M&A and other innovative tactics to replenish product pipelines and access new opportunity areas. 
  • R&D productivity: Deloitte professionals enable our clients to navigate the dynamic environment of R&D innovation and find a path to sustainable results and better portfolio management.
  • Commercial practices: We work with clients to define new commercial models, create value from disparate data sources, and improve marketing strategies and effectiveness.
  • Supply chain integrity: Our industry and consulting specialists have completed hundreds of global supply chain and operations transformation projects for leading Life Sciences companies.
  • Risk, cybersecurity, regulatory and compliance: We assist organizations in adapting to a changing global regulatory environment and managing potential risks across the value chain–molecule to patient. 

*Kennedy Consulting Research & Advisory; Consulting to the Pharmaceutical Sector, 2012; © 2012 Kennedy Information, LLC. Reproduced under license.