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Federal Shared Services

Transforming mission and support services

Almost every day, a news story appears about issues that affect the federal government-shrinking federal budgets, the low rate of employees’ job satisfaction, or cyber threats against its networks. The problems facing the federal government are steep; however, they can better serve critical mission-support functions through shared services.

How we can help: Services and benefits

Deloitte’s Service Delivery Transformation (SDT) methods, tools, and accelerators have been demonstrated on thousands of client engagements across public and private sectors. Our approach provides customized solutions to our clients’ business requirements—from redesigning and implementing a more efficient operating model, to enhancing the existing infrastructure or services. Agency use of federal shared services, both within and between departments, yields two main benefits:

  • Enables agencies to reap efficiency gains and mitigate duplication of resources
    Standardization occurs when processes are shared, consolidating similar activities across several different agencies under one functional area. This, in turn, creates efficiencies and mitigates duplication. Additionally, streamlining processes enables agencies to focus on customer service, complementing and optimizing existing approaches already in place.
  • Refocuses agency operations around the central mission
    Merging back-office processes under a single shared service center allows for a refocusing of efforts back to the mission of each agency. This is both through cost savings from streamlining processes, as well as allowing employees to focus more on the skills necessary for critical functions.

Deloitte has helped more than 1,000 clients worldwide with their service delivery engagements, across multiple functions, and in both the commercial and public sectors. Clients and analysts recognize Deloitte as an international leader in service design, implementation, and optimization.

Our Federal Shared Services practice is cross functional and shares knowledge, methodologies, and tools with Deloitte’s commercial practice. We know the importance of planning. We understand the key considerations for transition, and we are able to collaborate with our clients during operations to successfully implement our recommendations. Our breadth of services help organizations throughout the Service Delivery Transformation lifecycle, from visioning and planning through implementation.

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Latest publications and research

AI-augmented government

Can cognitive technologies do government employees’ thinking for them? Not quite—at least not yet. But right now, AI-based programs can help agencies cut costs, free up millions of labor hours for more critical tasks, and deliver better, faster services.

Mission automation: Process Robotics

Federal agencies are facing unprecedented budgetary and regulatory disruptions as they manage mounting budget constraints while trying to be more agile to increase mission objectives. With the inability to hire more federal staff, the federal government is forced to spend dollars on contractor support or shift resources away from the mission to handle these routine, manual tasks. The convergence of additional factors—exploding the amount of federal program data, increasing regulatory compliance, and demand for greater government value—is adding fuel to these challenges for the federal government.

Helping government deliver I: Transforming mission and support services

"Helping government deliver: Transforming Mission and Support Services,” a report by Deloitte and the Partnership for Public Service, presents a vision of government transformation that moves beyond the familiar model of consolidating single functions (e.g., human capital, IT, and financial management) to serve an organization. It extends to agencies sharing multiple support and mission-critical functions within an entire department and, ideally, across the federal government.

Helping government deliver II: The obstacles and opportunities surrounding shared services

"Helping government deliver II: The obstacles and opportunities surrounding shared services" explores the extent to which administrative shared services are underway, barriers to moving to shared services and plans to do so, from the perspective of agency leaders responsible for many of these decisions.

For this report, the Partnership and Deloitte interviewed 18 agency leaders from across the federal government, which represents three-quarters of the Chief Financial Officers Act agencies, to understand:

  • The extent to which agencies are using or moving toward shared services
  • What the key barriers are to implementing shared services strategies
  • How the Office of Management and Budget and other agencies can assist

2016 Global outsourcing survey

Over the last several years, Deloitte has conducted studies that explore the evolution of outsourcing and assess emerging trends.

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Listen to the Federal and State Government Dbriefs webcast

The relationship between a shared service (SS) provider and its customers can be complicated and dynamic. These challenges are often more acute in government environments where fiscal and political factors may affect these relationships and the need for good governance is paramount.


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