Pricing and Profitability Management

A practical guide for business leaders

Most business leaders understand that pricing is a powerful lever they can use to gain a competitive edge. Pricing and Profitability Management: A Practical Guide for Business Leaders book is full of strategic advice as well as practice insight to help your organization in its efforts to improve pricing management capabilities.

About the book

Most business leaders understand that pricing is a powerful lever they can use to gain a competitive edge. One study has shown that 90 percent of pricing investment meets or exceeds return on investment (ROI) expectations.i Put another way: for any dollar invested in performance improvement, the most significant return comes when it is invested in pricing.

Why then do so few organizations use pricing to its fullest advantage today? For starters, pricing and profitability management can be extremely complex and risky.

Do it right and you’ll reap the rewards. But do it wrong and the bottom can fall out. And many companies simply don’t have the internal capabilities and the information they need to get the job done effectively.

In this new book, Julie Meehan, Mike Simonetto, Larry Montan, and Chris Goodin offer a practical guide to putting the principles of pricing and profitability management to work today. The book is full of strategic advice as well as practice insight to help your organization in its efforts to improve pricing management capabilities. It takes readers deep into the nooks and crannies of pricing, from data management and technology to tax, governance, pricing analytics, and beyond.

Pricing and Profitability Management was a silver medal winner in the 5th Annual Axiom Business Book Awards.

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i Yankee Group, “U.S. Price Management and Profit Optimization Survey” (Boston, MA: Yankee Group, 2005).

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Chapter summaries

Pricing and Profitability Management guides readers through the elements of an effective pricing transformation and concludes with a case study demonstrating how a holistic approach can bring bigger and more sustainable benefits.Here's a closer look at the book, as well as an excerpt from the first chapter

Chapter 1: Introduction to pricing and profitability management
We introduce our integrated, holistic approach to pricing and profitability management through an overview of each of the six competencies in our model. We also discuss the compelling case for companies to improve their pricing capabilities.

Chapter 2: Conducting a pricing and profitability diagnostic
We discuss the approach for assessing an organization's current capabilities and how to use the results to build a roadmap for the efforts that help improve those capabilities in a sustainable way.

Chapter 3: Developing an effective pricing strategy
We discuss how to define a value-based pricing strategy for your organization.

Chapter 4: Price execution
We present an end-to-end “best practice” pricing process framework and discuss how to redesign pricing processes for improvement.

Chapter 5: Advanced analytics and price setting
We discuss in detail the data and analytics required to manage price and profitability effectively.

Chapter 6: Achieving effective organizational alignment and governance
We discuss how to achieve support and alignment throughout the organization for effective price management. This involves change management, organizational design, governance, and sales incentive/compensation.

Chapter 7: Pricing technology and data management
We discuss the market for pricing software, the functionality in current software packages, how to select a third-party pricing application, and implementation recommendations.

Chapter 8: Integrating tax and regulatory policies with pricing strategy
We discuss the tax and regulatory pricing considerations for multinational organizations and present ideas for how to integrate pricing and tax functions.

Chapter 9: Pricing as a sustainable competitive advantage
We bring together all of the concepts from the previous chapters into a cohesive case study -- based on a real client engagement -- to demonstrate how a holistic approach brings bigger and more sustainable benefits.

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Pricing & Profitability Management

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