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Delivering a premium customer experience

The market for transportation, hospitality and services offerings is unique. Purchases are largely discretionary, and options are vast. Consumers have room to be choosy, and providers must adapt to meet with their changing demands and sensibilities. Today, maintaining customer loyalty requires excellence across multiple channels and points of delivery. This is where Deloitte’s Transportation, Hospitality and Services (THS) professionals can help. With experience across a range of sectors–including hotels and resorts, restaurants and foodservice, aviation and transportation, gaming and shipping–we offer the strategic, financial, operational, human capital, and IT solutions for our clients to be confident in the delivery of a premium customer experience.

From marketing shifts to gen AI,
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Winning the race for customer loyalty

There is a distinct difference between a hotel customer who has enrolled in a loyalty program and a customer who makes regular, truly loyal use of the brand because of it. For most customers, only one brand “wins”—and the prize is a dedicated relationship that enhances revenue in the long term. The journey past that behavioral tipping point is part science, part emotion. To turn your customers into enthusiastic, even passionate brand devotees, you need to understand the patterns in how different travelers view and use rewards. And you have to use that insight to craft a program that stands above the ordinary and the expected.

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Meet the leader

Michael Daher

Michael Daher

Vice Chair & US Non-Attest Leader | THS

Mike Daher serves as Vice Chair – US Transportation, Hospitality & Services (THS) leader of non-attest services. He is responsible for harnessing Deloitte’s cutting-edge industry insights and unmatche... More

Eileen Crowley

Eileen Crowley

Audit & Assurance Partner | Deloitte & Touche LLP

Eileen Crowley leads Deloitte & Touche LLP’s US Audit & Assurance Transportation, Hospitality & Services practice. She has a history of serving large, complex multinational companies on Securities and... More

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