Organization Transformation & Talent

Aligning culture, talent, and strategy

Aligning your corporate culture, structure, and talent with your business strategy is challenging, complicated, and necessary. Strategic shifts such as new products and services, market expansion, evolving growth strategies, innovative technology, new leadership, or mergers and acquisitions, all impact your most valuable asset, your people. Deloitte’s Organization Transformation & Talent practice can help align your organization with the critical changes required for success. We work across the enterprise, offering business-oriented and data-driven solutions to drive your organization’s transformation agenda to achieve high impact, sustainable business results.

The organization of the future: Arriving now

As organizations become more digital, they face a growing imperative to redesign themselves to move faster, adapt more quickly, learn rapidly, and embrace dynamic career demands. Leading organizations are moving past the design phase to actively build this new organization.

Leadership disrupted: Pushing the boundaries

In 2015, we termed leadership the "perennial issue" that never seems to go away. This year we see a radical shift. Today, as never before, organizations do not just need more strong leaders, they need a completely different kind of leader—younger, more agile, and "digital-ready."

The employee experience: Culture, engagement, and beyond

Rather than focus narrowly on employee engagement and culture, organizations are developing an integrated focus on the entire employee experience. A new marketplace of pulse feedback tools, wellness and fitness apps, and integrated employee self-service tools is helping.

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